Core Team Support Team/care team, consultants, partners, etc.

Behind every successful person is a team of others who help make them great.  And with us, it’s no different.

At NWMAP, we’ve created a culture within our organization that we share in each other’s successes, we celebrate Win’s as a team, we empower each other and encourage each other to strive to be the best at what we do. Our dedicated staff is trained to assist our clients in all areas of client support and client care, as well as assist the team as a whole. We have strategically put together a world-class team of staff, consultants and partners to bring our clients the best support and care in the business.

Our clients and partners get to see and experience this firsthand.  You will too!

President, Yvonne Green

When Yvonne’s husband and Founder of NWMAP, Lennie Green, passed away unexpectedly in March of 2019, Yvonne knew that while she may face many upcoming challenges, she would continue operating NWMAP.

Yvonne enjoyed her role of being “behind the scenes” supporting her late husband, to own and operate NWMAP.  In addition, Yvonne had her own business in the insurance industry as an independent multi-lines claims consultant for over 20 years.  Her greatest assets were prioritizing the needs of her clients, while educating them through the insurance claims process.  While running her own business, she partnered with Lennie to help grow and maintain NWMAP, continuing to support his vision with her practical expertise.

Yvonne is very thankful for the long-standing professional relationships with our 80+ independent sales representatives.  She is also grateful for the personal connections and support of each and every one of the many carriers who service our clients every day.  Because of these relationships, NWMAP continues on a path of growth and empowerment.

When she is not working, Yvonne enjoys spending time with her daughter, son, daughter-in-law and grandson.  She loves to travel, escape into a great book, laugh at silly things, and enjoys dark chocolate and red wine!

VP Business Relations, Sarah Fox

Sarah brings over 16 years of experience & expertise in telecom, technology and organizational management to NWMAP, as she serves as NWMAP’s VP Business Relations.  She possesses this unique ability to translate “tech to English” & “English to tech”.

Her primary focus is procuring relationships with partners and consultants to help bring them to our clients, to be able to provide the most elite, cutting-edge products and services.  She served as the “right hand” to the founder of NWMAP, Lennie, for 8 years prior to his passing and now serves as Yvonne’s “right hand’ and business partner.

With a heart for caring, Sarah has a passion to help others which is displayed through her dedication and loyalty to the clients she serves and to NWMAP as a whole.

Highly detailed (and a little OCD in this area), Sarah and her team are directly responsible for bringing the processes & trainings to life for the organization.

A native Pacific Northwesterner, she currently resides in Washington State with her husband, 2 kids and 3 Boxers .  When Sarah isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family & friends (lots of parties & barbeques), watching & playing sports (Go Ducks!), knitting (it’s her Zen), writing books, volunteering at her kids’ school and volunteering at her church.

Client Experience Manager, Jennifer Fuller

We are overjoyed to have Jennifer Fuller back with us!!

Jennifer first joined the team of NWMAP back in 2014 and was thrust into the world of telecom and technology. She was a great value to our team for several years. She then needed to pursue another project, so she took leave to focus on one of her many passions. She has now returned to us!!

She has experience running her own business, and her ideology of customer care mirrors that of NWMAP and she has always proven that customer care is a top priority for her.

She currently serves as NWMAP’s Client Experience Manager. She oversees all of the customer care and support team. If you’ve ever called our offices, chances are you have already had the pleasure of speaking with her.

Not only does Jennifer manage all of the after-care for our clients, she plays a large part in the work put in before a client becomes a client. She helps to manage pricing requests, client inquiries, preparing agreement paperwork and assisting consultants. In addition, she also serves as backup to Sarah and Yvonne when they need an extra hand.

With a heart for caring, Jennifer has a true passion for helping others, which translates into her dedication and loyalty to the clients she serves and to NWMAP as a whole.

When Jennifer isn’t working at NWMAP, she continues to run her own art business – making every piece by hand (she is a professional scrimshander), and she enjoys restoring old pianos and spending time with her family & friends, and volunteering at her church and in her community.