Tech Tuesday 11 13 2018

It’s #techtuesday and we are digging more into Search Engine Optimization this week. SEO is not as scary as some may think. Every time you use your search engine of choice to look up information, you are using SEO!! SEO provides the results and analytics that will show you who is searching for you, and how much traffic is being driven to your page. One of the most common pain points we hear is that it’s too expensive. While that is true in some cases, we are able to bring you the growth you need and through a certified partner who has successfully helped our clients fight Google for their place in search. And the best part, we offer a price point that is fair and will help you get the growth you are looking for! Message us and tell us how you are using SEO and what has been working for you so far.

Tech Tuesday Vlog 11 6 18

Welcome back! Happy November, we are back on #techtuesday with a new topic this month. 70% of consumers and businesses will search and vet you out before deciding if you are a credible business/service to consider for their needs. If you would like to capture those prospects, you NEED to talk to us about your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies you are currently using and how that correlates with your website. Let’s get you the results and growth you want going in to the new year. The clock starts NOW!!

Happy almost Halloween AND #techtuesday!

Happy almost Halloween AND #techtuesday! Are you new to our weekly vlog series? We take a few minutes each week to discuss what services we offer as your technology concierge and all the latest in different types of services and tech trends. Still unsure of what we do? Watch our vlog this week and we will explain why you need us to uncomplicated technology decisions for your company!! Comment or message us with feedback or questions and tune in next week as we dig in to SEO!

It’s #techtuesday!

It’s #techtuesday! The common theme this month as we have been discussing hosted desktops is security! The partners we hand select to bring our clients hosted services, value and understand how vital keeping your data secure is. Check in with us and let us know if our vlog series has helped you! What would you like to hear from us? Come back every week as we discuss everything we can do for you as your technology concierge!!