Cloudy With a Chance of Suiting All Businesses (Cloud Technology)

Cloud technology isn’t another one-size-fits-all approach to a better way of doing business. It certainly is a universally applied solution, but one that means very different things to various types and sizes of business. The beauty of the Cloud is how it can fit into any size and virtually all types of businesses, which seems as if I’m contradicting what I’ve just mentioned (and the title of this post). But the difference is Cloud technology has several ways in which it can be utilized within a business- some are heavily dependent on it because it saves money, it’s functional to the start-up business or perhaps it’s the only way to go to connect remote employees or enhance communication between employees and clients on various devices. Both large and SMB’s are benefitting greatly, but only when they apply the Cloud in a way that fits their needs, as far as their crew is trained, how comfortable with the security available and put into place, and as much or as little of their business operating within the Cloud- that’s how businesses are doing it.

All businesses have affordable security technology available to them so they can utilize the BYOD experience (How? Ask us at NWMAP). Today it’s all about the strategy for how it can specifically work for a business. Helpful strategies include:

  • Deciding how to combine work and home calls etc, (i.e. transform a tablet into a desk phone- Yep, we can help you)!
  • What’s your priorities? Communication needs?
  • Security in place (i.e. in case an employee loses their tablet, we have wonderful Cloud security options).
  • Rules- it would be no fun if we didn’t mention rules! But part of the Cloud/BYOD revolution includes businesses having a clear understanding of their plans and strategies, which include guidelines for how the Cloud is used for their business.

Questions about HOW the Cloud might work for you? What’s available to make it work for you?









Summer Fun: Lennie’s Rafting Adventures 2014

It’s that time of year again. When we’re all a little disinterested in the rain. In the Northwest here, it’s a rainy season we wish would just end. Bring on summer! To help you combat weather weariness, the simple solution is to start thinking about summer fun. Lennie’s 11th annual rafting trip is waiting for you:

The time to reserve your seat is now- reserve for a day (or all days- weekend warriors). We want to see you in Maupin, Oregon on the Deschutes River beginning July 18th, 19, 20, 21. 4 days only- save the date!

Contact Lennie Green if you want to go…of course you want to go. Friends, family, associates, partners…all are welcome. Lennie # (360) 635- 4353 x. 201. Or shoot him an email

P.S Let him know if you’d be interested in a T-shirt at cost too!















Channel Partners 2014 Expo

CHANNEL PARTNERS 2014 EXPO: An opportunity to grow, learn, and network presents itself every year at the Channel Partners Expo.

This year it will be hosted at the Las Vegas Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino. The Expo caters to those looking to meet business and clients’ needs- VAR’s, Agents, System Integrators, and Consultants.

Attend the Expo in Las Vegas from Wed. February 26th thru Fri  February 28th.

Get psyched up about 2014! For more info, contact us: