Integration of SIP Trunking in 2011

As SIP Trunking technology becomes more widely accepted and utilized in businesses (all sizes) and mobile communications,  the implementation will be boosted this year. Clients want to know what SIP Trunking is and what it will do for their business.

What is SIP Trunking?  (Session Initiation Protocol) connection is a service that connects a company’s PBX to the existing telephone system infrastructure (PSTN) via Internet using the SIP VoIP standard. It’s an efficient type of VoIP that many companies are using to lower their Telecom costs.

What are the BENEFITS for my company? SIP Trunking can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. Not only that, but it saves you money, fairly quickly upon your initial modest investment. Most companies see a return on investment in as little as 3-6 months. Traditional local and long distance charges decrease dramatically because the call travels mostly over the IP network. Bundles of physical wires are replaced with PSTN connectivity via a SIP trunking service provider on the Internet.  Also, if your company has multiple offices, SIP Trunking technology makes better use of your connectivity. Basically, it makes sense from both the economic standpoint and the business aspect as well.

NWMAP is a reputable Master Agency with over 20 years experience. We offer a variety of SIP Trunking technologies at the best cost for our clients. We really know our Telecom vendors enabling our clients to have choices in services and methods to save money.

NWMAP Features: Paetec’s MPLS VPN

Paetec specializes in medium to large business communications and is one of NWMAP’s preferred Telecom carriers. Businesses with high-bandwidth needs are typically those most likely to find value in a service such as Paetec’s MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) VPN. It provides needed flexibility as a business grows, an ability to increase their bandwidth as needed, and offers employees, business partners, and customers with secure access to your company’s networks and data from virtually anywhere.
 “Accessing MPLS VPN and IP services over Ethernet provides customers with an
economical alternative,” reports PAETEC Chief Marketing Officer Jack Baron. “PAETEC’s
Ethernet Local Loop provides a transport service that’s scalable, available in incremental
speeds and, because it’s based on common Ethernet technology, can reduce equipment
Ethernet Local Loop is a familiar, proven technology that endorses low equipment costs and scalability far greater than its Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) counterparts.Growing demand for IP services, both Internet and Private IP Data networking, are rapidly expanding, especially with increasingly active Intra/extranet web sites,  data or document storage and retrieval, distance training/collaboration between sites, and remote access via Internet using VPNs.
For more information on Paetec’s MPLS VPN or to find Telecom services specific to your business needs, please contact a Telecom Agent:  

Selecting The Best MPLS Service

Selecting the optimal MPLS service starts with a clear knowledge of your business requirements, what size company you have, and your network design. Many sources will unanimously state that it’s best to utilize an Agent service to assist you because they have access to the “best-of-breed” in the industry. “If this is the first time you’re selecting MPLS-based services, get external help from an experienced consultant”,  Ivan Pepelnjak, who has worked in the industry for 25 years. Agent services aren’t tied down to using just one carrier’s products. Many Telecom Agent services or managed service providors have your best interest in mind, whereas dealing directly with carriers, they may suggest you only utilize their services, products, and sales agents who typically don’t have the experience a Telecom Agent does. 

Further suggestions, “Quite often you’ll be forced to combine multiple services in your network: MPLS VPN for smaller sites, VPLS for sites with high-availability requirements (to better control convergence speed and routing protocol behavior) and pseudowires for point-to-point links between your data centers.” NWMAP offers MPLS services from reputable carriers; Paetec, Integra Telecom, and Airespring.


Best Telecom Providers

NWMAP (NW Master Agent Program) is partnered with over 40 Telecom vendors. This gives our Agents a variety of options to shop for the right fit products and services for small to large business clients. How do we decide what vendors to work with to give a business the best service? Having the variety is helpful so we can do all the shopping around for our clients, but being able to rely on consistent performance and quality of products offered by each vendor is also necessary.

Here’s why we’ve chosen our vendors, because who you buy from can be just as important as what you buy:

Service and Support: Having a positive working relationship with the vendor and help us make quick fixes. Must be easy to do business with.

Channel friendly: Offer a variety and quality services. Communicate efficiently with us: promotions/deals for clients and program changes.

Products: Product reliability, not having to frequently fix their products. Offer a variety of products fairly priced.

Innovation: Updated and new products to assist our clients with the future growth of their business.

With all the Telecom carriers available, many businesses find the search exhausting.  NWMAP recognizes the challenges that businesses need to meet; from growth to managing and lowering overall Telecom costs. NWMAP has over 20 years of knowledge and experience with Telecom Vendors.

Please visit our carriers link here and check our our “Preferred Suppliers” list:

NWMAP February Promotions; Save Money and Time

NWMAP gives you the best of both worlds; specific technology for your business’ needs and the best prices available. They work for you and with numerous Telecom carriers to save you time and money.

What’s NEW!

Airespring’s MPLS-VPN, offering maximum flexibility, scalability, and security at a lower cost than traditional Wide Area Networking (WAN) solutions. This is the ideal product for customers who want to transition from traditional VPN or packet based solutions to the more efficient, secure and economical IP-VPN solutions.

Airespring’s AireConference , implementing this is a breeze. New customers are able to transfer existing PINs to AireConference for maximum ease of use and quick startup. Featuring the highest quality and the ability to instantly conference hundreds of callers at one time.

Integra Telecom is introducing new rates for several of their packages offered in Washington and Oregon; broadband bundles, SIP solutions, and other services such as domestic Toll free numbers, Market Expansion Lines, and new rates for Interconnection Fee (ICF) for On-Net Basic Business Lines.

Integra’s also offering 3 months free on 3 year term for Basic Business Lines and DSL Express!

NEWS! Paetec data center, a business communications company, will open a new 4,400 square-foot data center in Phoenix today!

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