We take them for granted until they don’t work!  Let’s face it, we do this with all the tools at our disposal.  When they don’t work, it is like the end of the world at that moment.  Can you imagine for a moment that your business either at a central location or spread-out, that the call will always be handled when a client calls in?  It is priceless to know that if your business is affected by circumstances beyond your control, that incoming calls can be programmed to automatically flow over to a backup destination.  If you are on a call and primary connection has an outage, that call can swap over to a secondary connection.  No more lost calls; that is amazing!  Soft Phone 2

Cloud Computing?

What is it? Think of it as wide area network.  We have all seen offices with computers and printers connected.  We generally need to reach the server inside of the business location to make any repairs.  We also have computers at home.  Unfortunately, computers die on occasion.  If we did not back them up, then we have lost all of our important personal information.  So, we buy a new computer and we then need to learn a new operating system; a whole bunch of changes.  If you want to get to any information on that computer, you need to wait until you get home.  So, Cloud Computing, Virtual Desktop (or VDI) allow us to use any electronic computing device connected to the internet anywhere to pull our desktop to us.  If the machine dies, well so what? You simply get a new machine and log in and you are back to work.  Or simply go to another device and again, you are back up.  If you are at a client’s office, you can use one of their computers and log in and get the necessary info you need.  You can use a laptop, desktop, tablet or other device and you are back to work with the same operating system with no need to marry several varied systems together in your office when you replace a computer.  The very best part is that support is included.  Gone are the days of spending $150/hour just to find out you need to buy a server and spend another $5-$10,000.  You simply access the cloud and it is in your monthly budget and reassuring so you can sleep at night!Cloud VDI


As the idea formulates in our mind to start a business we think about how easy it is going to be.  We have a niche to work on.   Our product or services will fit best for the segment we are looking to service.   Now the fun begins.  We need to do a ton of things to get this business off the ground.  The one fundamental problem is we forget there is not enough of us to go around.  We need to trust others to help us out.  Let us take the responsibility of Computing, Phones, Digital Marketing and Internet off your back?  We are vested in your long term success.  We want to grow with you.  To become a trusted advisory to your business, so you can do what you do best!  Your Business!  Startups

Do you have a friend starting a business?

We can help them out with just one virtual desktop, all the Microsoft office services, Exchange, Phone, Digital Marketing, Web Site and web presence and more.   We know how hard it is to set up a business and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is all the back office stuff.  Let’s face it, we only want to do what it is we set out to do.  Build houses, run a youth gym, have a martial arts studio, an auto mechanic and more, but it is hard to set up a startup business.  Let us help them out.  Startups 1

We are looking for your friends that have experience selling?

They can do this as a side gig or full time.  They need to have experience in selling either SEO, Google Add Words, Marketing or Advertising.   They see the need for change in selling advertising or marketing.   They want to be part of the beginning of a company poised to be greater than (you know the big names)?  Please have them reach out to me.  Thanks LennieInterview