Cloud Technology and The IT Department

If you asked…What has changed the landscape in the last several years of the IT Departments the most? Hands-down, Cloud Technology. It’s changing Telecom and technology in general, but of course IT Departments are usually the day-to-day players here. With an increasing number of employees utilizing mobile devices (BYOD) and increasing capabilities within the Cloud, the game has changed.

The ease and flexibility of Cloud technology is revolutionary- you just can’t beat it. Another factor is reduced spending- get more with the Cloud. Small business can communicate and run their operations as efficiently as a large business would. This is a significant competitive edge. The benefits are numerous as we learn more about how businesses adopt and adapt to Cloud Computing.

Security is typically number one when it comes to an enterprise’s data and communications and this is where the learning curve for IT Departments remains today as they select, maintain, and utilize Cloud technology to its fullest potential. A Cloud Firewall service is very useful if a business feels security could be jeopardized with Cloud service. As much as the technology develops here, the solutions to any caveats will keep pace.

At this point IT Departments should begin preparing for Cloud technology as it becomes the latest trend that’s here to stay for quite some time. If you have any questions about Cloud services, benefits or concerns, please contact NW MAP and an expert can assist you today: