Intelisys-Scansource Channel Connect, Monterey, PGI Eric

PGI offers a unique platform. Collaboration for a connected world. Their product of Global Meet elevates your Audio, Video, and Web meetings. I like that almost anyplace in the world with internet connectivity you can have a meeting from two on up to hundreds. I met with Eric at the top floor (10) of the Marriott in Monterey. The view was assume. Thank you for the meeting Eric. Lennie

Intelisys-Scansource Channel Connect, Monterery, 2018, Chris at Airespring

Exceptional supplier and service both for our clients and us. As an agent we want to bring a solution that client is very happy with and the outages are at a minimum. Airesping is always responsive. With working with them for years, I am thinking 12 years plus. The number one issue is that the clients never call us about issues. They do a great job. Way to go Airespring, Charles and Chris.

On our way to dinner with Access Point, Channel Connect, Monterey, Jarod Welch

If you have not had the pleasure of dinner with Jarod Welsh you are truly missing out! I have made this event for almost every year since I have been attending Intelisys Channel Connect. We laughed so hard at my table I think we all teared up at one point or another. Izaak and Kirk had me laughing from start to finish. Good thing our table was not in the middle. Great time, great people and great food. Thank you very much for inviting me to dinner Jarod. Lennie