Intelisys-Scansource Channel Connect, Monterey, PGI Eric

PGI offers a unique platform. Collaboration for a connected world. Their product of Global Meet elevates your Audio, Video, and Web meetings. I like that almost anyplace in the world with internet connectivity you can have a meeting from two on up to hundreds. I met with Eric at the top floor (10) of the Marriott in Monterey. The view was assume. Thank you for the meeting Eric. Lennie

Intelisys-Scansource Channel Connect, Monterery, 2018, Chris at Airespring

Exceptional supplier and service both for our clients and us. As an agent we want to bring a solution that client is very happy with and the outages are at a minimum. Airesping is always responsive. With working with them for years, I am thinking 12 years plus. The number one issue is that the clients never call us about issues. They do a great job. Way to go Airespring, Charles and Chris.