Partnerships For Providing Better Telecom Service

NWMAP is a Master Agency Program, which entails partnerships with numerous Telecom service providers. Acquiring partnerships with various carriers (for a list of NWMAP carriers: enables us to provide non-bias, outstanding service while shopping around for the best prices. We partner with carriers who understand our level of committment to customers and building an unmatched reputation for service.

Recently, one of NWMAP’s carriers, XO Communications, rolled out the red carpet for us with their Platinum Partnership Program. This is an exclusive partnership between NWMAP and XO Communications and it means Platinum care and repair for our clients; a whole new experience of excellence. This includes Priority Call Routing, Platinum Partner Repair Technicians and Enhanced Repair Timeframes. It is one more way a Master Agency like us can offer an added advantage for our customers.

NWMAP assures you get no more and no less of the Telecom products and services you need to make your business thrive, be competitive now when it means the most in this economy. It’s not often someone can promise you excellence in a struggling economy when many vendors are wondering how to sell you what you don’t need, worrying more about their bottom line than yours. 

NWMAP has earned wonderful marks from it’s clients and growing strong, valuable partnerships with our vendors of choice is all part of how we do business.

Integra Telecom Launches New Ethernet Services

Integra Telecom, a leading Telecommunications provider, now offers two new Ethernet Services: E-line Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL). This will only add to already extensive fiber network- best among competitor’s in the West. Integra’s Chief Executive Officer, Tom Casey announced, ” Integra has been serving more larger-sized businesses in recent years and we want businesses of all sizes in our service territory to know that we have a network and a product set that can meet their most demanding telecom needs.”

What does this mean? This service enables enterprise customers to extend their LAN to a WAN, connecting their locations together and enabling cloud-based services. Great news for companies with a demand for Ethernet services that support cloud and managed services.  

years of experience, knowledge, cost savings, and superior customer care.with their, being one of them. The benefits of working with an Agent at NWMAP is apparent Telecom Integra Carriers, Telecom can bundle our certified Ethernet services with their products in order to meet the needs of variety of enterprises.NW Master Agent Program (NWMAP) has partnered with over 40 IntegraCarriers served by

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How To Earn Money as a Telecom Agent

You may already be working, but wish to make extra money. Who couldn’t use that right now? Or perhaps you’d like to get serious about being a Telecom Agent and shoot for full-time money. It’s possible and here’s the nitty gritty of how agents get paid. The traditional paycheck doesn’t really exist. It is replaced with a variety of compensation models, which can be more rewarding, but also a little complicated at first.

Commissions: The heart of any agency is based on a percentage of customer’s billing. These can either be one-time or recurring commissions (residuals) as agreed upon in the contract. Commissions can also vary by whether it is a new account, a renewal, or even a certain product, etc. Commission variables are subject to change.

Residual Commissions: These are monthly recurring commissions (MRC’s) and paid to an agent as a percentage of the customer’s billings.

Upfront Commission and MRC: Upfront commission is a fixed amount per sale, usually based on a percentage of the total contract value. Up front plus MRC is a tactic to motivate agents to acquire new sales and customer acquisition.

Incentives and Promotions: Additional cash, gifts, rewards, chances to win something, are all incentives. Many providers offer promotional bonuses on certain sales, and usually during a certain time period. This is the best way for a new agent to get a jump start on their earnings.

NWMAP can give you the tools to succeed. No Gimicks- honest. For more information about selling Telecom and becoming an Agent

Video Conferencing For Employee Training

The importance of video conferencing for new or ongoing employee training is crucial to reaching optimum efficiency and performance within a business. Companies that have multiple locations must have this feature. The technology is there, lower costs than ever on this technology is available, and the facts overwhelmingly support the necessity of it. What you need to know is, are you getting what you need?

First you need a Telecom Agency you trust. They should consistently keep you updated on new products as they roll out, better prices, and consolidated plans. They shouldn’t pressure you into anything you don’t need, but rather offer addtional solutions for what you already have or create a better plan that can save you money.

Benefits of video conferencing are increased productivity, lower cost than in-person training (cost of air-fare isn’t going down), ability to embrace new company programs and business practices, and easily fits into or can be adjusted around regular work day activities. These benefits may or may not apply to you right now. You may have an existing system, but question whether you are getting what you want out of it or whether something newer with a lower price tag is out there.

NWMAP, a reputable Telecom Master Agency, has access to a variety of carriers with specific products and services, including but not limited to, video conferencing.