You Can Afford Up To Date Telecom Services

Up To Date Equals Better Business! It’s no longer a secret that the world of technology, especially telecommunications is moving at the speed of light. We’re hearing about the Cloud, mobile technologies, new features in VoIP and SIP Trunking. All this can be to your benefit and yet many businesses are not making the move to update their systems or integrate their technology with the growth of their business. Even small to medium business can afford the latest Telecom services.

The pendulum is swinging in your favor folks. Now is the time to push for updating and get ahead of the curve.

Technologies to consider:

  • Unique Marketing tools-mobile driven advertising/marketing platform with automatic alerts/notices . Allows you to reach your audience without them having to search for you. Easy and cost effective. No need for brick and mortar and can make a business appear bigger than it is.
  • Utilize Cloud Technology- it levels the playing field for small businesses. If you’re worried about security, don’t store confidential documents under your cloud storage. Otherwise it’s ideal to store, share and collaborate with others.
  • Pick and choose. Some companies don’t need all the bells and whistles and others want to focus on little extras that are worth it to them. If you go through a Telecom Agent who is not affiliated with any one company, it can all be included in a package that’s right for your business specifically. We refer to it as our smorgasbord (or one stop shopping):
  • Inquire about Joop4U- it’s is a telecom company with fantastic VoIP features/services. No business is too small to take advantage of Joop’s VoIP.

NWMAP Telecom is all about more for less. Ask an Agent how you can get more  or updated for the same or a lower price.