The Future of your Company

Are you stuck in a rut or  moving forward? Many companies are not evaluating or investing in the future of their company because they are stuck in the present situation, which is an economic downturn. So you think you have stay the way you are and not rock the boat?

Investing in technology isn’t as expensive as you think, updating your company’s technology is an investment and will give you immediate and/or long-term return on your investment. More on updating telecom technology:

How to tell if you’re stuck in a rut:

  1. Cautious Culture: Not accepting of change; perhaps never have been and it has become the company culture. Change is a threat to them and equals higher costs, but that’s not actually the reality.
  2. Lack Long-term: Afraid to do anything different from what is done today and yesterday- they never move forward, but believe that not moving backward is at least progress. They lack a long-term plan or follow through with current goals. They will never move forward and eventually will fall behind.
  3. Empty Employees: Retaining employees that offer nothing to the company. Businesses house a few or several employees that lack initiative and can bring down entire departments. They are the root of a rut. Owners are hesitant to establish new systems, procedures, and technology because of these employees who will not embrace it.

One doable solution if you are unsure about the future of your company and it’s competitive edge, check into getting a free quote from a Telecom provider that offers free reviews of your current Telecom technology, your plans, and your current costs. You would be surprised how you can update your technology, improve company communications, and restore your competitive edge while saving money. Don’t be afraid to check it out because it’s free.

NWMAP Telecom Brokers are in the business of providing you solutions first, solutions specific to your company’s needs, and choices of over 40 carriers. Get a quote:

NWMAP Telecom Agent Contest Winner!

A few months ago we announced a contest among agents for Telecom sales. There was a drawing this month and a winner chosen. The contest prize is a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada through channel partners program for the dates of March 27th to the 29th, 2012.

The WINNER is…Larry Wilcox. Congratulations and enjoy the trip.

Next NWMAP Agent contest drawing is Feb 29th. You will be entered to win for every $400 block of new sales. Details:


Telecom in the News; Integra Telecom

NWMAP brings you updates in Telecom making the news. Integra Telecom made a few headlines this month, including the announcement of their new CEO, Kevin O’ Hara. Kevin was formerly co-founder of Level 3 and company board member. He is taking over for Tom Casey.

Integra has made most of their headlines due to the widespread and fast growing expansion of services this last year. In a recent article it states that Integra extended Hosted VoIP across its entire network. Integra is giving its business customers options. Since no two businesses are the same, businesses have the option to purchase a basic phone system with traditional calling features or a completely hosted solution with a dedicated switch.

Pairing its network with PBX gear from vendors including Mitel and NEC, the Managed PBX service is a completely managed premise-based system that provides businesses with a fixed monthly price. One of the clear benefits of the service, especially for smaller businesses with little or no IT staff, is that it can reduce reduce the complexity of managing separate equipment and service vendors.

Read more: Integra Telecom extends hosted voice across its entire network – FierceTelecom

Also making headlines is Megapath with its enhanced managed security suite. Among the many updates are in-the-cloud signature updates, scanning, and cleaning to create what MegaPath says will be “a steady flow of clean data to businesses.”  Taking care of security threats before they become a problem is certainly a proactive solution.  


Updating Your Telecommunications System…and Saving Money

In the past few years companies have become more aware of their spending, bottom lines, and an overall sense of frugality. The Telecom industry recognizes these needs among companies to stay lean during this economic climate, but has also recognized some flaws in this way of thinking. Interestingly enough, many companies believe they are keeping their spending to a minimum by not updating or researching new technology.

The sad truth is companies (large and small) are hanging onto old technology (existing equipment) that is costing them more money. They unwittingly think they’re saving money, but this couldn’t be further from reality. Telecom communications/solutions can reduce costs when updated and consolidated. If you think you’re stuck, you’re not. Carriers and agencies, such as NWMAP (Telecom Brokers), have plenty of solutions for you to save money while giving you the best Telecommunications system fit for your needs.

Frugality and familiarity with current systems can be a company’s worst enemy. There is value in hosted VoIP for instance and many companies aren’t recognizing this. If security, size of your company, or ease of use is a concern, your Telecom carrier or agent can address these issues and give you assurance and a clear plan. Hopefully we’ll see more companies recognizing the value within hosted VoIP communications and the increasingly popular Cloud Communications.

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