Multiple Telecom Carriers/Vendors Or a Single Carrier?

Good question. The goal is to get the best technology specific to your business’ needs at the lowest cost available. Realistically, this could take a business owner, a CIO or an IT Manager a really long time to research the many Telecom carriers, compare prices, and collaborate with all parties involved.

The solution often times is a middle man, such as a Telecom Broker/Agent and/or at least three vendors to get the necessary technology you require at an affordable price. Working with a Telecom Agent will solve your dilemma of shopping around, comparing prices, and even installing. They have access to numerous reputable carriers they’ve formed alliances with, which means they’ve done the research for you and can assist you with pairing the solution you need to the appropriate vendors’ technologies.  

If you go to each individual vendor, you may not get the choices you want, the technology specific to your needs, or flexibility and affordability. The integration of multiple technologies as well as newer ones with existing ones is best handled by utilizing multiple vendors. It’s not as tricky as it sounds, and if you have a Telecom Agent working with you on this, you can also get one consolidated bill, which is often less than your existing ones.

Another reason multiple vendors is useful is when you begin with a few solutions and want to add more later. The rate of growth and necessity for new technology is different from one business to another, which is why having multiple vendors and/or a Telecom Agent who has access to multiple vendors is a one-size-fits-all plan.

Ethernet Products and Technologies

Ethernet products and technologies have several advantages  for businesses ranging from small to large:

  • Increase productivity: Large file transfers on a single network. Handles high volume email environments.
  • Simplify your network: Ethernet is easy to install, upgrade, and maintain. You can simplify even further and ask the Telecom Brokers at NWMAP how you can get all your services on one convenient bill.
  • Save Money: Ethernet provides more bandwidth per megabit at a lower cost than private line services.
  • Increase efficiency and performance: Ethernet is more scalable than traditional Time Division Multiplex (TDM) services- scale your bandwidth as you need it. No need to convert data to other to other formats to transport it, then convert it back to Ethernet.
  • Optimum speed and reliability: optimum speed when sending data between locations because your data will travel at consistent Local Area Network (LAN) speeds.
  • Fulfills a growing need: even small and medium size businesses are put in a position of demanding greater levels of bandwidth that were previously demanded by large businesses. Ethernet solutions provide all businesses the flexibility to adapt to growing bandwidth needs at affordable costs.   

NWMAP is connected to over 40 carriers. Our Telecom Brokers and Agents specialize in searching and shopping for specific needs a business may have. Various Ethernet Solutions from some of our carriers include: Integra Telecom’s Ethernet Solutions Metro E IP, XO Communications Ethernet Solutions, and Airespring Ethernet Over Copper. Request a quote today.




Cash In On Telecom Opportunities

ANYONE can cash in on the technology that has been unaffected by the struggling economy, otherwise known as Telecom (or Unified Communications). The industry has continued to grow, technology continues to emerge, and companies continue to spend money on their IT needs. In one report, Telecom has evolved from a “neat to have” technology to a “must have” technology. Another statistic shows 75% of a company’s technology is associated with some form of Telecom technology.

SIP trunking alone can save as much as half of a company’s cost on their communications bills.  It’s now commonplace for a company to have several mobile workers and employees on the go. The benefits for companies are endless, and the benefits for those who give a little extra time can earn a decent amount of cash. It’s obvious those that provide these sought after services and products will reap financial gains in an industry that sells itself so who can do this? As stated before, anyone! Suppose you received excellent service from the agents at NWMAP and your company benefited from it, well, even you would be an excellent candidate for selling something you believe in. Anyone can do it! NWMAP provides the tools for anyone interested in becoming a partner in selling Telecom and being a Telecom Agent as well.

Your first step in getting involved with a growing technology and earning some extra money is to contact NWMAP. Here is the link to get you started: This isn’t a gimmick, it’s an opportunity.

Technology: How Your Business Can Get More For Less

Majority of companies are avoiding spending money in 2011, and maybe throughout this recession, and focusing on making money. However, the demands for better technology, efficient communication, new customers, and fulfilled prior customers is still at an all-time high. Companies are facing challenges like keeping up with the rapid growth in technology, faster and more reliable communication expectations, expansion and travel, and customers want more for less.  How can you get all this accomplished and not spend unnecessary money or possibly any more than you already are?

In the Telecommunications industry the technology is already there, with an availability for more options and features than ever before.

  • Combining and consolidating. Multiple services like voice, data, and Internet can be combined and costs consolidated to save companies money. A Telecom Broker can assist you with consolidating all your services into one package or one bill, including ongoing maintenance and a Telecom Broker available any time you need one.  
  • Efficiency and reliability. VOIP solutions enable companies to be connected to their customers clearly and directly.
  • Packages and Promotions. Typically a company can get more for less because of various carrier promotions and wholesale pricing NWMAP Telecom Brokers have access to.
  • Current products are designed to be easily integrated into a company’s existing system. NWMAP ensures seamless transitions.
  • Security. Data solutions will keep businesses connected, secure and stable. For example, MPLS Flex provides superior security between multiple locations.  

Featured Product: MPLS Flex

What is it?

Multi-protocol Label Switching is used to enhance the flow of traffic on a network by making better use of available network paths. MPLS creates labels for IP packets or Ethernet frames. These MPLS labels inherit Quality of Service (QoS) tagging or Class of Service (CoS) priority, which network designers use to schedule the packet’s movement across a network.

 Why is it a great product for 2011? 

Integra Telecom, a leader in Telecommunications, is consistently making it easier for companies to experience the benefits of new technology with products that simplify your communications system. MPLS Flex is one of those products.  

Superior technology: The WAN on a MPLS Network offers a class of services for Voice, Video, Network applications and Internet exceeding the expectations of traditional VPN and point to point services.

 Extremely cost effective: compared to traditional Frame, Spoke and Hub Point to Point WAN. More connectivity and combining of services equals more for less.  

 How does it benefit your business?

 Integra Telecom’s Network and VPN solutions enables businesses to connect multiple offices, offers the simplicity of combining your voice, data and Internet or Ethernet traffic over a single connection, extra security between locations, redundancy, priority for crucial applications, more connectivity and competitive pricing.

NWMAP works with over 40 Telecommunications carriers, including Integra Telecom, bringing new technology to businesses for less money.