There’s More to iMeet than Meets the Eye

Recently we took the time to write a post on what exactly iMeet does and how people can it utilize to their advantage,  for work or personal endeavors. If you missed that blog post, here’s the link:

Let’s explore some new features that iMeet has been working on that just might add even more essential tools for your convenience. These features include:

  • Easier invites. The intuitive invite panel now automatically recalls people of past meetings. Just one click calls or emails them instantly for easy inviting.
  • Enhanced softphone technology with echo cancellation. Use a headset if needed as well.
  • Host mobile meetings on your mobile tablet, mobile apps for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.
  • Ability to re-size your profile pic with the iMeet photo editor.
  • Enhanced Room Key Monitor; easy for quick messages perhaps if your’e running late to a meeting- let them know instantly or perhaps you want to end a meeting early and lock up the room with a key.
  • Improved chat features; time stamps for messages between people you know.
  • Connect with people around the globe now for a small additional fee.

NWMAP offers iMeet services through our trusted provider Intelisys:


Selling Telecom Technology

Addressing the usual concerns business decision makers have about employing new technology can assist with getting a Telecom Agent’s foot in the door. At NWMAP we put the customer first and we have to be on their side through the whole process; from giving free quotes, bill reviews, and helpful suggestions to implementing the services and products.

Some of these concerns range from acceptance of new technology among employees, cost and extra expenses, confusion, bombarded with too much info, actual convenience and payoff of new technology. For many business owners, everything seems risky in this economy. They are literally trusting their business to you as an agent of Telecom. Technology is not meant to add confusion or anxiety, but rather to aid a business and its people in being efficient, productive, and excited to utilize new tools. The focus must be on their specific needs.

With all the latest technology and affordability we’ve seen in the Telecom industry over the last several years, businesses have the ability to run optimally and competitively. Comprehensive training is also an essential component in making new technological transitions convenient for everyone involved. It is important that people view available Telecom technology as a tool of convenience, not burden in any way, including and especially financially. In essence, this is a job for Telecom agents. Know your products and present it as a cost-saving, convenient way of doing business applicable to everyone and every business.

Become a Telecom Agent at NWMAP:

Integra Telecom in the News: Aug 2011

This month Integra Telecom continues to make news. Progress on featured services such as Ethernet over copper (EOC) are astounding. Integra’s dedication to get Ethernet to as many customers as possible is becoming a reality. This is an impossible feat under usual circumstances but Integra has utilized the help of Overture Networks’ EoC and EoTDM portfolio across 120 of its COs. Integra will continue to deliver EoC services in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 Mbps increments and with Overture, possibly reach 100 Mbps. Integra continues to be a very competitive Fiber-based Ethernet provider.

Sources (full article):

In other news, “Integra Adds 40 Buildings to Fiber-fed List”. Just in the month of July, Integra has added 40 buildings with fiber, tallying up to a grand total of approximately 1,700 in its fiber network. Fiber Networks and Ethernet over copper continue to be an integral focus of Integra.
For more info on Integra products and services, please contact NWMAP:

Hot August Telecom Promos from Integra, Comcast, and Nitel!

At NWMAP we’re going to end the summer H-O-T! 

 INTEGRA TELECOM: New Low Rates: SIP Solutions 8 Voice Channels+ Internet & Ethernet Solutions: *$349 MRC for 3 Mbps Internet, *$449 MRC 5 Mbps Internet, $649 MRC 10 Mbps, & $949 MRC 15 Mbps

*$349 MRC for Voice Channels and T1 Access

Promo: T1 Access at $269 MRC, Voice at $10 MRC x 8 Channels

*Broadband Bundles include numerous features: Pricing starts at $219 MRC for 5 Business Lines, $249 MRC for 6 Business Lines

Promo: $49 SIP Solutions Add-On Packages include: *5,000 Minutes of Long Distance ($.04 per minute overage)

*ISP Package (includes web hosting, 100 email boxes)

*Feature Package Plus (includes 1 Premium VM box)

*Online Data Storage

*Up to 3 Toll Free Numbers (MRC only)

*250 Minutes of Conferencing Calling ($.14 per participant per minute overage)

*M- PRIME Package Integrated Voice Mail for $29.95 MRC (valued at $45.95 MRC).

*Business Communications 12 Button Standard Telephone for $14.95 MRC each valued at $19.95 to $24.95.

Football season is around the corner. COMCAST is making the commitment to bring their restaurant and bar customers the very best in HD sports programming. Spread the word! Now extended through October 31, 2011, the Sports & Entertainment Deluxe package (BR5) is being offered for only $99.95. This is a great deal! It’s a savings of $80 per month on our highest tier of Public View TV service. It also includes the NFL RedZone channel.

 NITEL  is offering MPLS T1 as low as $368 anywhere in the country, no limits. Also includes Internet T1S. Promo extended now through end of 2011. *24 mo. Min term required.

 For more info:

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Fun in the Sun: Rafting on the Deschutes River

Every summer Lennie Green of NWMAP and friend James Miller take groups of people out on the Deschutes River for a blast of a time! Check out the video! Must watch action. Hang on!

If this sounds fun to you, you can contact Lennie to join up for next summer. Announcements are made closer to the date on NWMAP blog and NWMAP newsletter available to all agents and associates. Dates are typically in July. You can reserve a seat on the rapids in a thrilling, but safe adventure on the river. For more info contact Lennie at