Telecom Agent- Client Diologues

As an Agent, it’s important to stay in touch with your clients. We’re in the business of communication and not just the Telecom type, but person-to-person, Agent-to-client. Clients’ needs change with the ever evolving technology climate. Of course the dialogue of the decade is quite possibly the Cloud. We’ve mentioned the Cloud brings with it a massive amount of questions. Security is one discussion between the Agent and clients. A right fit is another likely dialogue. The Cloud is a great option for small to medium businesses saving money and less hassle not having to man hardware and equipment or mobile apps/options for larger businesses with remote or out of office employees. The Cloud is one of those obvious dialogues. Do clients know what solutions are available in the Cloud specifically for them, for their industry or business? Do they know the cost benefits, secure networks and security options?

Managing and Monitoring? Do your clients have their circuits managed/monitored? Are the backup circuits managed…in case something happens to the primary. They want to know their circuits are working during non-business hours too. This kind of monitoring catches a problem before someone actually reports it.

Marketing tools- Master Agencies like NWMAP offer several solutions and one of those is small business marketing tools. A way to stay on touch on a variety of platforms through one portal. Businesses can easily get news out about their business, coupons, announcements, updates and basically stay in touch with their clients. This is one of those easy solutions and the dialogue should be based on that. An easy solution for small to medium businesses (Local TV stations, restaurants, etc). A variety of specific services and functionalities under one umbrella.

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NWMAP Team: Endings and Beginnings

NWMAP has been  consistently growing and that trend continued through 2013. We reflect on the year’s end and look at this growth in 2013 as a great prediction of 2014. We’ve opened up a new office space in downtown Vancouver, WA for guest agents and meetings, etc. We’ve added some new carriers and services to our portfolio- we have incorporated some excellent marketing tools for our clients to utilize and reach out to their customers. We’ve adapted our services to fit the needs of those reaching out to the Cloud. Also included in our new services offered is a GPS product- an effective, green (planet happy), and new approach to fleet, risk, and asset management.

NWMAP also continues to be your one-stop shop for Carrier services such as Wavelengths, Ethernet, SONET & TDM, Cell Tower Backhaul & IP service.

2013 ended with a party- NWMAP’s first annual Fall Festwas a pre-holiday celebration for the NWMAP team members. Lennie Green, president of NWMAP, was joined by some key employees in his group for a festive night of elegant (and delicious) Northwest themed food included in a catered 5 course dinner. A cordially competitive game of white elephant ensued but luckily nobody was harmed in the process and everyone went home happy.

We just want to take this time to thank our friends in Telecom, our partners, our clients, and those that make this all possible. Happy 2014!