Business Savvy: “Invest In Your Customers More Than Your Brand”

Harvard Business Review had an article recently about this and I felt the need to post something here at NW MAP about it as well. We’ve always tailored our telecom to meet the specific needs of our clients. We have over 40 carriers we represent… to specifically find matches based on our clients’ needs rather than what we should be selling, what we have to sell, or a specific brand. While this isn’t exactly how Amazon does it (the company featured in the Harvard article), it is based on the same mentality.

Amazon allows both good and bad reviews to be posted on anything they sell. You may think bad reviews or posts would be harmful for business, but on the contrary. Jeff Bezos of Amazon says it helps his customers navigate their way to the products they will really benefit from, really want, and be satisfied with their purchase. It’s no secret that there are an abundance of Telecom carriers available, but what we always strive for, and our greatest asset, is helping and listening to our clients so they get exactly what they want and they’re happy! We don’t have to sell a certain product from a certain company. All we have to do is help our clients and focus on them.

My favorite quote in this article, “Close the deal by being openly helpful and helpfully open, not by “selling better.” ” Jeff Bezos, Amazon.

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What NW MAP Telecom Can Do For Sales Agents Who Want to Earn Cash

At NW Master Agent Program we take care of our clients, we build long-term relationships and it has everything to do with how we do business. But on the flip-side, we take care of our Telecom Agents, giving them tools they need throughout the process.

  1. Money- Earning cash is the name of the game, but our sales process works for you on your terms. There are carrier promos and incentives, which are an excellent way to earn cash up front. NW MAP Telecom works with over 40 Telecom carriers (best in the business) so there are ample opportunities for you to gain some extra cash quickly. Of course there is the residual income, which works nicely for you over time.
  2. No Ties- Since we work with over 40 carriers in the Telecom business, you have no ties to sell a certain product or push certain services on your clients. We don’t reward you based only on selling a certain carrier’s product. We want our clients to benefit from services and products that fit them specifically so there are no ties to any particular telecom company.
  3. Worth selling- NW MAP is led by industry experts in the Telecom field. They are consistently updating their knowledge base, offering unique services you can’t with other agent programs, and offering quality and variety. Recently NW MAP added to their services some unique selling opportunities. Find out more:
  4. #1- yes, I realize this is literally number four on the list, but this is more of a reminder. The customer comes first. NWMAP does everything to set you up to take care of our/your clients. If you are taken care of then the clients are taken care of. We strive for a win-win process.

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