Featured Carrier: Wave Broadband

We like to keep our Agents up to speed with new, or must-know, carriers on the horizon. Get to know Wave Broadband with over 500 miles of fiber in the Washington, Oregon, and California markets…and still growing. Wave is a provider of residential, business, and enterprise class cable TV, broadband Internet, and telephone services. The fiber builds continue and the Ethernet offerings are outstanding. Wave meets the needs and wants of customers with competitive pricing options.

Norm Rawlings, Channel Sales Manager, has been kind enough to share the details and benefits of Wave with NWMAP.

Best combo: High Speed 55 Value Bundle $59.95/month

Local Broadcast

High Speed 55 Internet

Unlimited Phone

*TV Only, Internet Only, and Phone Only deals as well.

For more details about Wave, ask us: https://nwmap.com/contact-us

NWMAP News for Agents!

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Beginning September, 2015 ALL NEW AGENTS will be automatically enrolled in direct deposit through NWMAP.

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Dear friends, Agents, clients: Thank you for another excellent year of rafting. We had a great time on the Deshcutes. Lots of fun in the sun and we appreciate all of those who showed up for the event. If you didn’t make it out…better luck next year.

Please check in regularly with us at NWMAP (or better yet, get your copy of our newsletter…and read it): We’ve got plenty of ways to earn extra money right now. Broadvoice (excellent for it’s Hosted Phone services, Integra, Evolve IP, and Airepsring.

The Value of Telecom Agents When Considering The Cloud

Telecom Agents understand the business and they’ve built relationships with vendors so that your buying experience will be that much easier. The important conversation today is all about Cloud computing. And Agent can help you address your questions. It’s no secret the Cloud is something that has benefits for virtually every business. The ONLY downside is the abundance of information out there.

As you can imagine, this can be overwhelming for the average business owner and client. Agents help weed through that for you and with you. Agents realize some clients don’t even want to test the waters but getting the conversation started will help ease the hesitations and ultimately boost both business costs and productivity.


If clients are thinking about the Cloud only in terms of just one more technology they need to unravel the mystery of, they’re at a significant disadvantage. Agents can open up the world of Cloud to them from the cost savings point of view. The Cloud is a shift in the business and economic models for adapting IT.

Questions to address:

How old is your server?

What would the cost be to replace your server?

How old are the desktop PC’s?

How much would it cost to replace just one of those PC’s?

Do you have IT needs/projects that are too expensive to complete?


Businesses, especially the small- medium (SMB’s), must be seen as competitive as the larger ones since it’s quite possible with e-commerce. The Internet has given SMB’s an advantage and is the perfect place for you to gain that edge. However, behind the scenes must also be on target as well. Telecom Agents work to bridge the gap between behind-the-scene results and client satisfaction.

Questions to address:

Do you have IT needs/projects that are simply too time-consuming to complete?

Do you have employees who work remotely in the field or telecommute?

Is there a system or process in place to restore data quickly?

How is information currently being backed up?