Could The Telecom Business Be Right For You?

I often get asked what I do. Telecom is the sum of all communications; it’s all things data, voice and so much more. More specifically I have a very rewarding career. Here’s why:
•Earn my own raise each month
•Create my own hours
•The clients are my boss
•Not torn between what customers want and what a boss requires of me
•Utilize my unique skill set
•Upfront cash incentives as well as residual/reoccurring income

I consider it a great living. Is it right for?

If what I’ve mentioned above peaks your interest and motivates you to learn more, then it may be perfect for YOU. Many people are accustomed to working for one boss who oversees their duties and controls their promotions. Not here, not as a NWMAP Telecom Agent. You work for your clients. Still interested?

Here’s a list of things we pick up along the way and build on…
•Keep up-to-date on technology trends
•Review current clients’ bills (we want to find them better or more for less cost to them)
•Identify and build relationships with prospective customers through telephone and in-person calls, networking and referrals in order to obtain appointments.
•Find solutions for clients.
•Sell Telecom services and products
•Write and submit orders, maintaining and managing client list.

NWMAP gives you the tools you need to succeed!
How do you get paid?
Commissions in the form of residual/reoccurring income. As long as the client attains a service with you, you will continue to get paid. NWMAP works with over 40 reputable carriers which also use promotions and upfront incentives to get the ball rolling…fast. These pay out money upfront per quarter, per sale, per amount, etc.

Feel free to contact us and learn even more…