Hosted Services in The Cloud

NW MAP Telecom is offering Cloud Computing excellence with Hosted IT Services, Hosted VoIP & Software by the seat! Businesses can save money and time, outsource technologies that are not within budget, skills, or focus of IT resources.

Applications include:

  • phone & call center services
  • Email
  • Virtual desktops

Infrastructure such as:

  •  networks
  • Switches
  • virtual servers
  • security

Migrate all or some of your IT services to the Cloud. Make this decision with ease, and utilize one of our talented and helpful telecommunications experts here at NW MAP Telecom.


NW MAP Offers Unique Marketing Tools. Harness The Power of Cloud Technology

NW MAP Telecom is in the business of providing solutions for our clients. With Cloud technology and a little innovation we have more options than ever. How about easy and efficient marketing tools perfect for small  businesses, administrators, marketers, and a variety of businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, organizations, schools, and TV/radio…just to name a few.

One portal, one campaign, connecting and contacting on numerous mobile and social avenues:

  • Multi-channel communications; Mobile text, IM, email, blogs,  and social networks.
  • Mobile Marketing; Advertising with Mobile Keywords. Get the news out about your business with a mobile distribution list, services, build your database, offer coupons on customers’ phones, and announcements.
  • Multi- channel software provides businesses with specific ways to reach their target audience.

Easy and affordable technology- that’s the benefit and power of utilizing cloud technology. Specific, on-target marketing to reach your audience.

NW MAP also has opportunities for Sales Agents to invite businesses to take advantage of Cloud marketing. Earn money too:

Contact us about this innovative product:

The Future of Technology and Telecom for Small to Large Businesses

We can already see the steady increase of businesses heading towards the Cloud. There’s been a steep rise in mobile devices (BYOD) as well, getting employees independent of their cubicles and desks. Right now the emphasis for businesses is becoming more efficient with an ability to keep pace or be ahead of technology while meeting budget requirements and a fluctuating economy. Cloud computing and technology can offer a business all of that- of course a business should consult a Telecommunications Agent before adopting Cloud services.

Gartner says, “As cloud adoption expands, IT departments will have to create “cloud services brokerages” to serve as a central focus for managing access to external services.,1 With Cloud Computing small businesses can communicate and run business as large organizations do. They can compete because the Cloud is cheap considering all that it offers. And large businesses stand to benefit with harnessing the power of mobile/off-site employees or specific departments who have a variety of needs and of course there’s implementation of effective disaster recovery. The