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We’ve partnered with Effortless for more all-in-one solutions. Perfect for small to medium businesses. Perfect IT solutions. Perfect for business expansion and flexibility.

Effortless is a nod in the direction of business’ desire to change the IT department’s routine tasks and streamline operations, making simple, yet very useful, changes in the company. An all-in-one cloud model that Effortless provides not only saves a business money, but adds additional security and freedoms.

Effortless products can virtually run, and protect, your business 24/7, including security, desktops, disaster recovery, servers, and email.

Focus on growing your business, not on managing technology.

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Disaster Recovery: Weathering a Storm

After one week of snow, ice, and power outages the folks in the Northwest region are eager to wave it goodbye. But this morning we saw a couple more inches…again. This time the forecasters, and residents, were left with their mouth agape in another ‘Good Greif…not again!’ moment.  The news stations are referring to it as the Northwest’s “Snowpocolypse”.

We falter easily because we don’t get inclement weather often here. Many parts of our country are aware of these types of threats though and prepare.

Telecom Agents are fully aware of these potential business/power outages, and naturally unforeseen circumstances. We want businesses to be prepared.

Disaster Recovery. It means preparing your business for a disaster. A term not taken lightly in the Telecom industry.

A disaster such as a storm can put an unprepared company out of business.

“Disaster recovery plans describe the process, policies and procedures for responding to a disaster. Computer-telecommunications disaster recovery plans include activities necessary to recover or continue your Information Technology infrastructure in the event of a natural or manmade crisis. By establishing general procedures, hardware and software safeguards, you can ensure your company can resume system operations–potentially using alternative locations–as quickly as possible. By stipulating protocols for such as offsite storage or backup schedules, you can prevent data losses and other costly problems.” (Duggan, Tara. How to Make a Computer-Telecommunications Disaster Recovery Plan for an Organization)

Telecom agents encourage businesses to consider disaster recovery services because you never know when the unthinkable will threaten your livelihood- natural disasters, system failures, and hackers. Telecom agents advise their clients because the threat is there, but nobody knows when and where.

Please check out our Disaster Recovery services if you do not have a service in place or have questions, comments, or concerns about your current service.