Telecom Agents and The Cloud

Cloud technology was one of the most talked about trends in 2013. Even so, there are businesses questioning whether this technology is the right fit for them. As an agent, this is an opportunity to open up a dialogue, talk to clients about their existing business systems, phone lines, Internet, marketing campaigns, and their strategies for the upcoming year. Introduce new ideas they may not be taking advantage of such as video conferencing. When businesses begin thinking about the Cloud it typically means they are looking to advance their business to the next level and/or they’re trying to save money. All of which a Telecom Agent can assist with.

Agents need to know how a business can advance or update current systems. Sometimes the Cloud fits and other times perhaps not.

The Cloud and the agent:

  • Reach out to carriers for Cloud info, attend workshops, get knowledgeable so you have the answers for your clients.
  • Stay up-to-date on ALL services and products.
  • Cloud capabilities are ever-changing so identify new strategies that fit specific clients and businesses. Some new areas in which Cloud is being integrated into is healthcare and non-profits, for example.
  • There are a lot of benefits with the Cloud, such as flexibility, cost savings, and choices. While businesses may know this already, translating those benefits into something tangible for IT/Managers and business owners to grasp is key. Obviously cost savings and more services available are the top two on the list.
  • Stay in contact with existing clients. Find out what’s holding those customers back from updating.
  • Talk about security services offered for the Cloud. Many NWMAP carriers, such as Integra Telecom, offer these.

Let’s make a commitment to elevate businesses in the New Year!

Happy New Year from your NWMAP Team!



Telecom; Past, Present, and The Cloud

With Christmas under our belt, ’tis the season to take a look at the past, present, and future. In Telecom and technology, we’ve seen a huge movement toward mobility. Everywhere we look, someone is utilizing a mobile device, for personal use, professional, or both. Businesses are trying to take advantage of the edge they can attain over their competitors and what better way to do it than staying connected to employees and customers 24/7 if they choose- for little or no extra cost. This has led to the SMB’s gaining that competitive edge over the larger businesses.

When we reflect on the past and look into our future for 2014, we also see a clear trend toward the Cloud. Questions still remain about it, but many have adapted the Cloud to their business strategies and for good reason. The benefits are, again the competitive edge, more possibilities and applications available, lower costs, typically easy integration- no need for extra equipment. The concerns still border along the security issues, which is why 2014 will likely be a big year for resolving those concerns and issues.

NWMAP offers multiple carrier strategies for implementing the Cloud and other Telecom services. Trusted carriers who have Cloud security services, dedicated networks for reliability, security, and flexibility. There are so many options available and we believe we’re in the right spot for our clients to pick and choose what fits them best. We don’t charge for reviewing your current services and we offer free quotes as well: