Do You Have What it Takes to be a Telecom/Sales Agent?

imagesCAXV86Y4When the topic of SALES is mentioned it can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Some are put off by the mere word while others welcome it and/or it means money in their pocket and even flexible hours! What do you think of? An exciting challenge? A daunting endeavor for extroverts? President of NWMAP, Lennie Green, created a list of a few personality traits and types of people who would make a perfect-fit SALES Agent. He’s witnessed various types of people make a nice living selling Telecom services and products. He’s also been down that road himself.

First of all, it may seem less overwhelming when people know Sales Agents learn on-the-job. This means it’s an opportunity for growth. Lennie has specific tools he supplies his newer agents with and guides them through their independent path of sales. Traits and key points he’s noticed that do well or gravitate towards Sales Agent careers are as follows:

  • Enjoy a challenge. Problems have solutions.
  • Good listeners- every transaction with a customer involves a good amount of listening.
  • Believe in the word-of-mouth system. With each customer you’ve helped, there is a good chance it will get around.
  • View themselves as a business and an asset.
  • Want to do better than good or good enough. they’re always looking to improve themselves and invest in themselves as a business.
  • Good at time management and learn good time skills like closing sells faster.

The nitty gritty:

  • An ability and willingness to learn on-the-job, asking questions, and soaking up knowledge constantly.
  • Even engineering and/or technical people with the knowledge can learn people skills on the job and vice versa- if you have those people skills, you can learn the technical side.
  • Realize sales is about building relationships, networks, and customer satisfaction. It can be very rewarding (aside from the money).
  • A problem solver who enjoys creating strategies and working consistently with clients to find solutions. Think of it as a love connection dating site, except Telecom Sales Agents are matching their clients with the perfect product and service plan.
  • An ability to go between the people side of things to the technical side of things.
  • Speaking, and translating technology terms to clients.

You can grow into a sales position! Start with doing it on the side and build your business.


NWMAP Introduces NEW Hosted/Cloud Newsletter!

imagesCA0PW0ZLNWMAP continues to keep our agents and clients up-to-date on the newest perfect fit technology for a multitude of business needs, business types, and sizes through our monthly newsletter and blog. In addition, we’d like to introduce our Hosted/Cloud Newsletter! There is just too much benefit a business can gain from utilizing the Cloud that we’ve got to shout it from…the Internet!!! Well, actually a quarterly newsletter covering ALL Cloud, ALL types of useful services and carriers we know to be the best in the business. This Spring (Q2) marks the first Cloud newsletter

We’ve been covering Cloud topics for a while on our blog as  we know this is a hot topic, but most of all our job from day one has been to take the fear, hesitation, and uncertainty out of any Telecom process for our business clients. Get to know the best providers for various services, the best fit for various clients, promos, and WHY we recommend certain products, providers, and services.

This Spring (Q2) marks the first Cloud newsletter. Have you signed up to receive your copy? Contact: and request the Hosted/Cloud newsletter!

What You Need to Know About Your Phone System in The Cloud: Hosted/Virtual PBX

cloudpbxNWMAP Featured service: Hosted/Cloud/Virtual PBX

If you don’t already know, or haven’t already switched, your business can likely benefit from a Hosted PBX right now! We help clients everyday learn about technology that will help them grow, cut costs, be more productive between employees and business operations. Hosted services such as Hosted PBX are no exception. You can get an amazing business phone system that meets and exceeds what you would expect from a traditional phone set-up. Since it’s all virtual, all you need are phones and an Internet connection.

What exactly is Hosted PBX?  “Hosted” simply refers to your business phone system being operated by your chosen provider. You don’t have any of the equipment (or worries) and maintenance or updates of software, etc.

Who can benefit? We’ve seen great benefits of this technology within small and medium-sized businesses. Can you imagine what level it takes them to when they have a superior telephone system without the costs of operating it on-site? Businesses can choose the number of lines, extensions, fax, and email preferences while the Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service provider manages the rest.

What else?

  • Saves money and time! We’ve saved our business clients up to 50% or more on bills, maintenance, and other telephone system related costs they had before.
  • Businesses who have multi-site locations or work-from-home employees are also benefitted by Hosted services.
  • With the ability to choose, this technology can grow with your business.
  • You (your business) only needs phone (s) and Internet connection.
  • All employees will be connected through email, fax, phone, etc.
  •  All the technology and abilities of an expensive phone system is all done virtually for you. Automated Attendant? Done. transfer calls? Of course…and much more.

NWMAP 40+ carriers. We can help find you the right provider for the best costs with little effort or disruption to your business. Contact us (free quotes and current phone bill/costs review)