NWMAP Annual Contest for Telecom Agents

This year marks our best ever contest prize: NWMAP Fall Fest dinner event for 6 winners! Every year NWMAP invites a few select employees to join an annual gathering we like to call Fall Fest. The event lands in November in time to get everyone in the seasonal spirit. Last year’s Fall Fest took place in Lincoln City, OR with dinner and overnight arrangements at the coast. This year will also be a dinner event, but the location is a surprise for now.

This year we’re holding a contest for additional Agents to attend our festivity. Winners will be selected by :
Most Sales
Most in one sale
Most improved sales
& random winners will also be announced.


More details later…In the meantime let’s get selling!

Cloud Computing For Your Business; Getting Beyond The Intimidation

cloudyIn 2015, NWMAP has decided to forgo the whole New Year’s resolution. Our goal began with, and has always been, to help clients achieve success in their own business by giving them the edge they need through Telecom Technology (phone systems, lower bills, marketing tools, Hosted services, etc). One of those avenues is Cloud Computing. AAAAHHHHHH!!!! Cloud Computing!!! Haven’t heard about this in a while, right? We know, it’s plastered everywhere, and now that it is there’s some serious intimidation surrounding this topic. Potential Cloud consumers are missing out because of this intimidation factor. Our goal this year, and always, is to really HELP our clients, help businesses small to large. There’s an abundance of info out there, but how much is truly helpful? It’s only adding to the confusion, the mysterious cloud looming over the Cloud.

Is it secure? From a Telecom Agent’s perspective, we know that a business can increase productivity, availability, and store more info with more benefits all for lower costs. We are excited about Cloud technology. On the forefront right now is security services- they’re awesome and only getting better! 2014 was a perfect year for insight into how businesses are effected by hackers and other security risks. With that in mind, the security technology for the Cloud is on target!

Where do I start, who do I trust? Recently we’ve seen articles stating how businesses have grown confused and complacent over Cloud Computing. We urge them to look into it. Telecom agencies, like NWMAP, provide free quotes and free reviews of your current services and costs. FREE! Those articles stated service providers, sales agents, and vendors aren’t much help and looking into it by yourself as a business owner is intimidating so the solution? A Telecom Agent!

What is the Cloud and how can it benefit me? You may already know all this, but let’s begin again… Everything is Internet today- we pretty much have to accept that to be in business. The Cloud is instant access to that world and utilizes that access as well. Cloud Computing uses a network of remote servers (data centers) hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. It saves on the cost of hardware and excessive in-house infrastructure that you would normally need to do a fraction of capabilities you would be able to do using Cloud storage. The data centers can manage your info and now protect it better than ever- no time consuming or major IT work involved.

If you need more FREE HELP: we’re here to assist: https://nwmap.com/contact-us