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February is right around the corner and it’s time to show the love…and genuine appreciation for your customers. Of course all year round there should be special emphasis on clients and their specific needs- that’s the focus at NWMAP. We refer to it as Perfect Fit Telecom. We’ve always valued a customer from beginning and ongoing throughout our relationship with them. They get the same level of customer service before we sell anything as they would at any time after we’ve sold a product or service. How many bsuinesses care about the customer after they’ve sold them something? This is key! This is how NWMAP Telecom has always done business.

Customer care is a long-term relationship with you and your client(s). It’s caring about what they need specifically in the beginning, really understanding their needs before the sale. It’s knowing what they want and then doing everything you can to make that happen or to make it better- better price, better technology, better fit. Clients want to know they will still be important down the road; being able to ask questions and get updates as needed, not to slip by the wayside.

Ways to improve customer care:

  • Offer something free before they buy.
  • Keep in contact periodically.
  • Make it easy for them to contact you.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Do not use business slang or tech buzz words.
  • Offer them what you would offer new customers- promotions, deals, and good service.
  • Be their solution.


NWMAP Telecom is looking for Telecom Agents

If you’re currently in sales, looking to earn money, currently selling Telecom, NWMAP (Northwest Master Agent Program) is looking for you. How about adding more experience to your portfolio and more money in your pocket?

NWMAP is a Master Agency with decades of experience within our management and over 10 years in business. We have a list of over 40 carriers we deal with directly, which gives us a significant advantage for our agents and the ability to provide best fit service to clients. Your clients get the best rates, several choices, perfect solutions while you reoccurring revenue as well as carrier contests and promotions earned even faster. You have the ability to earn short and long-term.

NWMAP is here to help you succeed in this endeavor. We give you the tools. Pleas keep in mind, customer service is our priority. If you want to know more, please contact:

Earn Extra Money; Be a Telecom Agent

If one of your goals for 2012 includes earning more money this year, then one possible solution is selling Telecom. There are short-term and long-term benefits from selling Telecom. Short-term benefits are being able to do it on your own time- sell as much or as little as you want and spend as much time and effort as you can give. It’s a commitment you control. Other short-term advantages are carrier promos and contests. This means you can make quick money quarterly and sometimes monthly in terms of what you sell.

While there are several short-term perks with selling Telecom, long-term potential is one super advantage. You can build upon your sells and earn continuous revenue, basically money that is made while you aren’t working at it. Your sales continue to pay you long after you’ve landed the sell. Of course the more you sell, the more you are rewarded both short and long-term.

If sales is your niche, then Telecom is a great area to dive into, easily earning some extra cash. It is one area in particular that businesses can take advantage of while the economy is stagnant. A business can save money and improve their communications system. A business can recover their edge in the market without spending extra money. A small business can improve their technology with peace of mind and little risk.

It’s been said, Telecom sells itself, and it’s true. There is not one business that doesn’t highly depend on communications within their company and outside of their company with their customers. Communication is crucial and accounts for over 90% of how we do business. Most businesses are unaware of their communication inefficiencies, and this is where a Telecom Agent comes in. Learn about the industry (telecom) that will never die…and earn extra money.

How to be an Agent: . NWMAP has the tools, and experience in the industry, to get you started.

Business Goals for 2012

Happy 2012! With 2012 making it’s entrance, change is in the air. Many people are realizing the economy is staying the way it is for a while so now they’re asking, ‘How do we make the best of this?’ ‘How do we change in a stagnant economy?’ Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, many of your concerns involve the future and moving forward instead of back or behind and you’re wondering; “How can we make our money stretch further or get more and better for less?’

At NWMAP we know a lot about how to get more for your money. This is what we do for people and their business. We only succeed because what we did for you is working, and paying off. In other words, our business succeeds if, and only if, you do. How do we do this?

We provide free quotes, reviews and advice about solutions to your existing communication systems concerns or queries. We identify whether you are paying too much or paying for a service that does nothing for you. We show you how to make that dollar stretch and we can give you peace of mind that our solutions for you will pay off, now or long-term. By doing this we are helping you identify and fulfill your 2012 business goals. Where can you save money? Let us show you. What can you do to get your small or large business into 2012 and beyond? We can also show you how.

Telecom is one area in which you can move your business forward and get more for your money while saving money. Whatever your 2012 business goals are, we can help steer you in the right direction by addressing at least one major aspect of your business; how you communicate.  

More FREE information: Contact us about your 2012 business goals, concerns, questions, etc.

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