The Unforeseen Happens!

Snow Day 5Nature has thrown a curve ball at us.   A snow day, Tornado, Earth Quake, Hurricane, etc.   Your business burns down.  A computer has a meltdown.  A phone system does not work one day.  We owe it to our customers and employees to be able to keep productively keep working.  How do we do that? Virtually setup up many functions of your business to be able to have people work anywhere? Client can’t tell if you are at the office or in Hawaii?  That is great.  Employees can work from home on occasion when life throws a curve ball.   Your clients are not aware of it and you are able to keep running a business when things happen.

“Snow Days”

Do you remember the time when we lived for snow days?  The excitement that came from the first snow flake we saw.  Come on keep snowing we thought.  The joy of being released from school to go play in the snow.  I wish as a grownup we really could go back to the excitement of Snow Days!  Snow Day 1

Trust Matters


We have all been the victims of not thoroughly vetting out a decision on a product or services.  We tell our selves I should have done the review sites?  I should have done a better job of vetting the product or services out?  We should have asks our friends or family about where to go to get a product or service?  What if there was a site that allowed you to search your friends and family likes to find product or services from endorsed by those you trust most.


The Ratings Game

I want to share with you a new technology that is going to be a game changer to our world. Think about what you thought of when you heard of Uber? What? Google? Facebook? There have been changes that have been transformative to our lives and business. Who in their right mind goes out and looks to buy a wagon to get around in? Change happens.

Now ask yourself who do you trust the most for advice to shop or buy a product or services. Or to join in a cause or help others out? For most of us it is those that make up our friends and family network. There is 2.4 Million Brand Conversations happening each and every day. (That is according to Nielsen’s Ratings) 83% of us would prefer to buy or do off our families and friends advice. (Nielsen Ratings) So we know that marketing is only reaching 17% of the rest of the people out there.

Now comes along a new product and service that is going to save you time, make your money. Game Changer Technology that is activating the other 83% of the people out there. Ask me how?



Never Miss a Call if you don’t want to?

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Amazing the changes in technology that has happened in the last twenty to thirty years.  Right now we live in a world were a call comes in and you can have time of day routing to your cell or home phone.  Call comes to you as if you were in the office.   You chose not to take the call from caller ID.   You let the call go to voice mail.  The Voice Mail lands in your email as a waive file.  You can listen to this call via your smart device.  You can forward the voice mail with a message to someone else.  There is so much that can be done with Cloud, IP, Hosted phones today.  Let me know how we can help you out.
Thx Lennie