Questions to Ask When Choosing a Telecom Broker

Outstanding  customer service is what a Telecom agency should be all about. Telecom Agents/Brokers can possess impressive telecommunications verbiage and tech speak, but experience and customer service dedication outweigh tech speak any day. It’s like judging a book by it’s cover- don’t be fooled. The telecom business is crawling with sales agents and each one wants to impress you with their spiel. How do you make a wise decision without being persuaded by a well-articulated tech spiel about products and/or services you don’t need?

Believe it or not, being aware about customer service practices and your expectations is more important than being tech savvy when choosing a  Telecommunications Broker. Another helpful tip; Choosing your Telecom Agency (MasterAgency) should be done prior to deciding on which Unified Communications/ Telecom Carriers you are interested in. Questions to ask yourself and a Telecom Broker:

  1. How much experience? How long has the Telecom Agency been in business and also how long have the Master Agents been working there?
  2. Are they concerned with providing a specific plan for YOUR business?
  3. When I have an issue, who will be there to answer my questions?
  4. In what part of the process is my Telecom Broker involved in?
  5. Do I have to pay for a quote from the Telecom Broker?

These questions will give you an optimal head start. Because there are so many consistently new Unified Communications products and services available to your business, the determining factors for where you take your business and who you trust comes down to experience and superb customer service.

NWMAP offers free quotes, customer service first promise, and agents with 20+ years experience individually.

Unified Communications and Security

We often hear about security issues on our facebook or twitter account, but what about the security and potential risks within your own business. Truth is, it’s not a common topic of discussion unless it’s the foremost concern for a reason (security breach or malfunction) and/or you are designing a new data/information system specific to your business. Either way, a solid plan can only be accomplished if both you and your Telecom Broker are working together to prevent potential risks or keep some from never occurring…again.

If nothing has ever happened, it can give you a false sense of security and just because you have an updated Unified Communications system, doesn’t mean you are protected. There is always some level of risk, but you must decide what is acceptable for your business. Everyone must be on board; Business owner, IT Manager, Telecom decision makers, CIO, and anyone else who might be able to communicate to your Telecom Broker the best Unified Communications plan for your business. Telecom brokers can help you decide who has access to what information, who has limited access, what data is monitored and managed by who.

It is typical for a Telecom Broker to offer you solutions, but you need to offer information about your enterprise’s specific risks and issues. Doing so will put your bsuiness at a lower level of risk. It only takes one time; security issues can wreak havoc on a business. Ask a Telecom Broker at NWMAP about including VoIP and SIP trunking in your network security policies.


Don’t Just Guess! Get the Right Phone System and Internet Services For Your Business

When you guess, you lose money. Creating the most efficient phone system or internet service plan for your business should involve less time spent on guesswork and more time on enjoying the bottom line rewards a specifically designed plan can bring in.  The communications system within your business is it’s lifeline; it keeps everyone, employees and customers, connected and informed. How fast and efficient that system is greatly depends on how specific it is to your business requirements.

Questions to ask yourself before purchasing Unified Communications products and services are as follows:

  1. What is the latest technology in Unified Communications?
  2. Will your business benefit from an updated system?
  3. Does the service provider offer free quotes, installation, 24 hour support, packages tailored to benefit your company, ability to upgrade when needed?
  4. How concerned are you and/or the service provider with adhering to a lean budget and absolutely getting the biggest bang for your buck?
  5. Will the system and products be user-friendly for ALL your employees who will be using it regularly?
  6. How much time do you have to shop around? You can be assured that every other company is working on a better telephone solution for their office.

If you don’t know all the answers to these questions, don’t feel overwhelmed, because there is an EASY solution. The reality is you can certainly lose money on the Unified Communications purchase itself and in the long run as well. However, telecommunications agents at NWMAP can answer all your phone system and Internet/Ethernet questions, save you money, offer you more options, and provide full service form start to finish, and on-going. No guesswork.

NWMAP November 2010 Packages and Promotions

NWMAP is always current on the latest unified communications packages and promotions for your business.  Our ongoing relationships with numerous carriers puts us at an advantage for following the best deals every month.


AireSpring- Offering cash bonuses for packages including:

  • Network and SIP LD
  • Long Distance SIP Trunking
  • MPLS Port
  • Network Local/ Integrated T-1/Local SIP Trunking

Rio Networks– new hosted phone packages. Rio Networks has announced their 2010 promotional packages. The network wide upgrades have begun and promotions are available now through the end of 2010.

NW MAP can assist you in taking advantage of the highly recommended “Octal Pack” for $339, in other words we shop for you and help you find exactly what you need at a great price, which includes:

  • 3 Mbps Data
  • 8 phone lines
  • 1500 minutes of LD

*Hardware, installation, and support included. Other synchronis Data available to add to the Octal Pack. 

RIO Network’s additional features: 99.999% Reliable Network, 100% Redundant Ethernet and TDM (Time division multiplexing) Ring, Tier 1 Internet, SIP enabled, NO single point of failure.

Integra Telecom- Integra Telecom’s  business phone line systems and Internet services  are combined in one hassle-free package.

Broadband Bundle includes:

  • Business Phone Lines
  • Internet Service
  • Calling Features
  • Premium Voicemail
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Email and Web Hosting 
  • 10 GB Online Data Storage: Storage and back-up of crucial files.

Contact a NWMAP agent for specific questions, packages, and promotions.

Get More For Your Money By Using a Telecom Broker

Not many businesses, in the current economic climate, have extra money to put towards expanding their technology. Even though this single aspect is proven to improve business and the bottom line, they may feel overwhelmed or misguided by the choices and direction technology is headed towards. A Telecom Broker will pinpoint your specific needs and save you money.

What you should look for when choosing a Telecom Broker:  

  • How long the person has been a broker for their current company. Their is a high turnover rate in Telecom sales/agent positions. If a person’s position is completely dependant on the sales than they will be highly motivated to sell you products you don’t need.
  • How long the Telecom Broker has been in the business. In this business, expertise and ongoing relationships with carriers is crucial to saving your business money.
  • Help you consolidate your current phone systems and business Internet/Ethernet. Just as you may save money by bundling your cable and phone bill at home, you can do the same for your business. Don’t just pay the monthly bills, contact a broker to help you find ways to save money by consolidating services.
  • Search for ways to save you money. A Telecom Broker should never convince you to use products that don’t absolutely make sense specifically for your company.
  • Ongoing relationship with you. Telecom Brokers should always be available to meet your needs and answer questions. They should also provide a simple billing system.


NWMAP has Telecom Agents that will meet and exceed your expectations.