DIY (Do-it-yourself) Doesn’t Belong in Customer Service

The trending forecast is DIY- a do-it-yourself phenomenon is sweeping the nation.

But let me ask you how much do you enjoy calling a service provider, being put on hold or directed to type in your account code…or the password you forgot (now you’re re-directed to retrieve or change your password)? DIY service is a big flop!

My guess is you’re not too fond of DIY service.

Consumers want to do more on their own. Why are they doing this? I believe it is cost versus price. As price to consumers comes down there must be a cost associated with this. Which means the live customer care portion of our service or product must suffer. Companies are foregoing convenient service for convenient price options. Every industry is a give and take entity.

I know each of you can identify with this phenomenon.
Call some of the large providers for service you are paying for and you will get the run-around to their website for answers, maybe an auto-attendant, and last case scenario, after you get tired of pushing multiple options a real live person!! I know you would appreciate customer service that involves a real person.

Here’s how I avoid this from happening within my company.
First, I know what it’s like to get the automated service and I despise it so I’ve been in your shoes.
Second, I have relationships with my clients in a way that I understand their business and needs.
Lastly, I make it my business to cut unnecessary costs from their bills (services they don’t use but from larger providers must pay as a package deal). This enables me to provide my clients with a real live person to help them navigate, assist, and troubleshoot.

I am glad to be part of an organization that prides itself on customer care. I really like that.

Lennie Green, President NW MAP

NW MAP Agents: Important Announcement on Ethernet and Internet Access for Clients

Attention: NW MAP Telecom Agents. Please note, we will soon be able to offer our Ethernet and Internet Access Customers the ability to set up “Direct Connections” to:

~Amazon Web Services
~Microsoft Azure
~Google…and many others.

The direct connects are lower latency, more secure, and offer a dedicated bandwidth for access to cloud services.

We are scheduled on the City of Vancouver agenda for Sept 12, 2016 Franchise Agreement to build fiber within the city limits public right of way!

We are also providing wireless links in some areas of Clark County or other areas in Oregon and Washington on an ICB basis.

If you have any questions, please contact us: