NW MAP Telecom 2013 Goals; Something for Our Agents and Our Clients

It’s nearly February and if you typically have goals or make plans for the New Year, chances are you’ve already decided on some key New Year’s resolutions. And so have we! On the Telecom Agent/partners forefront, we are looking forward to supplying our agents and partners with new products to sell/introduce to their clients. Not just any telecom services and products, but those that will specifically be valuable and even some unique, for various types and sizes of businesses.

It’s also part of our goals to be ahead of our competition, bringing you products before a slue of others saturate the market and we only suggest products that will actually apply to our clients’ needs. But we are sure this one is unique and very functional from the one person business to personal use to small business to large. Read more: https://nwmap.com/nw-map-offers-innovative-marketing-tools-businesses-can-harness-the-power-of-cloud-technology

We’ve also added a new carrier to our list, Joop4U. Learn about it here: https://nwmap.com/what-joop4u-voip-provider-can-do-for-you . And even more info, here: www.joop4u.com. Joop4U is a superior VoIP provider with features like electronic fax!

Agents Earn Cash with Integra Telecom Promos

Telecom Agents earn cash with carrier promos. This is an excellent way to earn cash QUICKLY! NW MAP Telecom has well over 40 carriers they partner with, meaning our agents have access to the best deals, the inside deals, and do not have to answer to any one carrier in particular. We are truly able to give our clients specifically what they want and need.

If you’ve ever thought about earning some extra cash, NW MAP gives you the tools you need to succeed as one of our agents. This first quarter in 2013 many of our carriers are offering promos that earn you cash the very next month:

Earn monthly payments based on your total monthly sold MRC on new logo sales as well as existing customer upgrades. Incentive program valid through March 31, 2013.

*payment will be made directly to agent at the end of the month for previous month’s orders.

*existing upgrade orders will be qualified based on added MRC only.

Monthly Sales                   MRC Spiff Card Payment
$250-499                           $250
$500-999                           $500
$1,000-1,999                     $1,000
$2,000+                             $2,000


What Joop4U (VoIP Provider) Can Do For You

NW MAP is officially welcoming a new carrier to our list. We believe Joop4U, a VoIP provider backed by industry experts, is an excellent addition to our portfolio. Here’s just a few of their services that we’re excited about:

  • Best IP phones in the business at lower costs.
  • Joop Cloud services.
  • JOOP Phone- Hosted services includes web so many features like  PBX system capability with Hold, Transfer, 3rd Party Conference, Mute, programmable  Soft keys, Message Waiting Indicator, Scroll through call list, Missed Calls, Received Calls, Placed Calls, Unified Messaging, Personalized Web Portal ext management. That’s just the Basic, but there’s more for “Enhanced Seat”.
  • JoopSIP– offers companies the ability to maintain use of their existing digital or analog Key Systems, Hybrid Systems or PBX’s at substantially lower rates than the LEC charges and in many cases, at substantially less than most other providers, while still providing the ability to take advantage of the many benefits VOIP service offers.
  • JoopFAX is a Fax service that allows its users to send and receive faxes from their email client. There are no websites to go to and open in order to send a fax. You simply type the destination fax number into your “To” field followed by @joopfax.com, attach documents, and send. That’s it. No old fax  machine hassles or wasted time and toner.
  • JoopATTENDANT is a virtual phone Attendant that you can point your main number to so that your customers can route themselves to the appropriate place easily and seamlessly. Don’t want to change your entire office over to VOIP yet? No problem! With JoopATTENDANT, we host this ability in our network and you can leave your existing phone lines with your current carrier!

Joop has so many solutions to everyday business needs for every business. Perhaps you’re a small business, but want to appear larger to your customer base. We can help. JoopAttendant is one of those services that can do exactly that.

Ask us HOW! Speak with a NW MAP agent about any of these services, please contact us: http://nwmap.com/contact-us