17 years! Has it really been that long?

Yes, NWMAP has been servicing clients for 17 years, some of which have been with us since day one. (Pretty awesome!)
Over those 17 years, the world of technology has changed so much. And with those ever-evolving changes, we too have had to shift and adapt, change and recast new direction.
Most of our clients gravitate towards us for one particular service or one particular product set. However, there is so much more to NWMAP than just phones and internet.
We continue to be your go-to for our traditional services, but if you look a little deeper, you will see that we are truly your Technology Concierge.

What is a Technology Concierge?
By definition, a “concierge” is someone who takes on tasks associated with a particular person or business, to alleviate the stress or time constraint of having to complete all those tasks.
We are all familiar with a “hotel concierge” and what they do. They are there to be of service to you, whatever you need, while you are a guest at their hotel.
The same rings true for us – that we are here to be of service to you, whatever you need around technology for your business, while you are a current client of ours.
As a Technology Concierge, we are your trusted source for ALL products and services in the technology realm. Anything and everything that a business owner would need around those services, we provide.
But we take it even further.

Everything from Day 1 of working with a business, through the order process, implementation & install, for as long as you are a client, we take care of everything that is involved for you.
Not only do we take a hands-on approach for every service we handle, but we have every service that a business would need, comprehensively embracing “Technology Concierge”.

You may not have known about everything in our portfolio, so we decided to highlight these extra services such as Website Design & SEO Optimization, Virtual Assistants, Social Media & Blogging Assistants, as well as expanded our arena on Business Consulting, Project Management, Billing Analysis, Virtual Desktops, Cloud-based Networks and Hosted Phones.
The business market is rapidly changing and the need for our services have been increasingly prevalent, with these services in high demand.

We know that you will find everything you are looking for here with us.
Welcome Home!



Virtual Desktops

Have you had your system crash in the middle of a project? Power went out where you were working? Ever quit and shut down for the day or week without backing up your work to come back to find your system has crashed for good? You know that one of the best things about moving your desktop to the cloud is you can always get back to what you were doing from anywhere you can connect to the internet. You can use different devices to login. Sleep at night knowing your information is safe. Another great thing is the support. You can call in to a network professional and they help you at no additional cost. Fits right into your budgeted expense.
Build the perfect desktop and access it anywhere on any device.