October Promos! Agents Earn Extra Cash.

Two Promos worth mentioning this month!

Now trough Dec. 1, 2015 Airespring is offering an extra 50% on the port of an MPLS network of 5 nodes or more.


*SPIFFS now available on renewals.

  • 150% SPIFF on Connectivity services
  • 600% SPIFF on Voice/Cloud services
  • $800 cash bonus on LD services

* (1-3 yr terms)

Now through Dec. 1 2015: Broadvoice, a leader in Cloud services offers a very competitive Promo!

2x MRR upfront for agent
1 month free for customer


NWMAP Gives New Telecom Agents The Tools to Earn Extra Cash

money-makers-We want to see you succeed. We’ve built a business around relationships and one of the most important ones is with our new Telecom Agents. Feeling like they’re supported and have flexibility can give them a fighting chance with our tools and strategies.

1st plan is
                All you have to do is refer the business and we will do the rest and keep in the loop.   You get paid residually on all that is sold into the account for services you don’t represent.  You get an email of commissions.  You can check in on an opportunity with our staff.   We will meet with the client.  You can get overrides from all your agents sakes.  Each agent will show on your statement and you have access to each agents commission statements.
2nd plan is
                We teach you, present, propose and close the opportunity.   We will figure out from the opportunity what is the solutions for the client.   Meet with the client and you.   Commission statement is emailed you.  You can check in on an opportunity with our staff.   You can get overrides from each agent you recruit of all their sales.  Each agent will show on your statement and you have access to each agents commission statements.   More commission the referral. 
3rd plan is a direct sales representative with a sliding scale to become a master agent with us.  All the above with more commissions and it starts at one level and increase with sales. 
 25% referrals of what we get from the carriers. 
50% stays in the opportunity but we do all the work of what we get from the carriers.
60% during training of closed sales.
70% after $5000.00 in combined sales total,   Stay at this level without a quota
75% after $10,000 in sales  with some quota
80% after $15.000 in sales with more quota
We need to chat to get more.  
                -Local number to dial
                -Email to contact
                -Pay once a month electronically or by check
-Each product we represent has an agent manager and carrier tools and will help to close the opportunity.
-Excel commission statements emailed or a portal to look at and down load
-Qualify tools
-pass the lead and forget till you get paid
-web site legitimacy
-been in business since 2001
-you can have email, phone number and ext., phone, business cards, virtual desk top, and more from us.
-we can pay in advance up to 50% on closed sales. 
If you have questions, we are available.

Is Your Business Disaster Ready? Find Out What You Need to Know About Disaster Recovery Services

majestic sky

Every business must confront the topic of disaster preparedness. It’s also one of those things we must maintain and keep up-to-date whether it’s back-up services or emergency strategies. While we realize it may end up on a business’ back-burner, people quickly find out it’s completely necessary when it’s necessary.

There are several ways to approach your businesses’ disaster plans in the Cloud. Cloud disaster recovery is becoming an easy, cost-effective, and now more secure than ever plan to keep your company from being tragically effected by an unforeseen disaster (loss of data, security breach, loss of business connectivity and continuity during a natural disaster).

Where to begin: Telecom Agents can help determine what plan is best for your business needs. Of course we’d encourage this route, we’re Telecom agents, but seriously this is your best bet to end up with your best plan of action.

First, you must determine your level of need. This isn’t necessarily how likely you are to e effected as much as it is how much it could hurt you and how much you have to lose. No business can afford to lose to a disaster- many will eventually end of bankrupt! Benefit versus risk is a ration we deal with often in business. Of course this is off-set by how much a business can afford to spend on a disaster recovery plan.

This is why we’ve taken special interest in disaster Cloud Recovery services. There are so many to choose from. Again, that’s why we’re the Agents- we’ve got a handle on this for you. We can help! Just to give you an idea…

Evolve IP Cloud Recovery plan, DRaas suite,  entails data protection and automated options for business continuity, match level of risk and spend accordingly. Customers not only know where their data is backed up, they also know how and when they will have it restored.

They suggest 3 aspects to consider:

  • Source of System – Whether your system is onsite, in the Evolve IP Cloud, or elsewhere.
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – How current your data is at the recovery site.
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – How long it should take to bring an environment back online once a disaster or major incident is declared.

Evolve IP’s DRaaS Suite products are designed to deliver a wide range of RPO/RTO service levels, with RPO’s measured in seconds, not hours. The Evolve IP DRaaS Suite includes:

  • DRaaS SRM (EMC as a Service) – Standard and Premium
  • DRaaS ZT – Standard and Premium
  • DRaaS DK – One-to-One
  • DRaaS DT – One-to-One and Many-to-One
  • Cloud Backup/Reflection – Standard and Enterprise

Airespring will tell you ‘Downtime can cost you’. They also provide services, such as Managed Failover, for just the occasion- you know, the one you weren’t planning for.

Managed Failover provides a separate, redundant network connection in the event your primary connection fails. While the AireSpring Network already includes multiple levels of redundancy to ensure high availability for our Cloud and Voice Network or private MPLS Networks, Managed Failover offers an additional level of high availability connectivity at your location.

Other features include:

  • AireSpring’s Managed Failover Connectivity will automatically detect access issues with the primary connection and route traffic over the redundant connection until service is restored to the primary connection.
  • AireSpring professionally configures the router, then manages and monitors your network with the help of our 24/7 AireNMS network monitoring service.
  • AireSpring Voice and MPLS services can also be configured to automatically failover.
  • Diversified connectivity options are available using a wide range of underlying vendors: Ethernet (copper and fiber), EOC, TDM, Cable, DSL and Wireless.

Featured Carrier: Wave Broadband

We like to keep our Agents up to speed with new, or must-know, carriers on the horizon. Get to know Wave Broadband with over 500 miles of fiber in the Washington, Oregon, and California markets…and still growing. Wave is a provider of residential, business, and enterprise class cable TV, broadband Internet, and telephone services. The fiber builds continue and the Ethernet offerings are outstanding. Wave meets the needs and wants of customers with competitive pricing options.

Norm Rawlings, Channel Sales Manager, has been kind enough to share the details and benefits of Wave with NWMAP.

Best combo: High Speed 55 Value Bundle $59.95/month

Local Broadcast

High Speed 55 Internet

Unlimited Phone

*TV Only, Internet Only, and Phone Only deals as well.

For more details about Wave, ask us: https://nwmap.com/contact-us

NWMAP News for Agents!

attenA Note to Agents: Do you want your money quicker and easier each month? Direct deposit through NWMAP is now available.

Beginning September, 2015 ALL NEW AGENTS will be automatically enrolled in direct deposit through NWMAP.

Ready to sign up? Please contact Lennie Green: Lennie@nwmap.com OR (360) 635- 4353 x. 201

Cloud NEWS: If you haven’t signed up for our Cloud newsletter (sent out quarterly) please do so with sarah@nwmap.com. Lots of Cloud news, promos and SPIFFS, Cloud topics pertinent to Agents,  and carrier features.

Dear friends, Agents, clients: Thank you for another excellent year of rafting. We had a great time on the Deshcutes. Lots of fun in the sun and we appreciate all of those who showed up for the event. If you didn’t make it out…better luck next year.

Please check in regularly with us at NWMAP (or better yet, get your copy of our newsletter…and read it): We’ve got plenty of ways to earn extra money right now. Broadvoice (excellent for it’s Hosted Phone services, Integra, Evolve IP, and Airepsring.