NWMAP Loking Forward From The Vegas Telecom Conference

Every year Lennie Green heads over to the annual Telecom Conference/Expo in Las Vegas. And every year, the President of NWMAP gets inspired. He’s looking at new products and services for both his clients and NWMAP Telecom Agents.
This year’s Expo boasted a myriad of new info events, networking, and a few good times. Jive and 8×8 hosted some great events. Fun was to be had at an Intelysis event where Jeff Waddell’s band was playing at the Hard Rock Café on the strip. Netwroking buddy, Jeff Gray joined Lennie for that.

Down to business: On the business front, Lennie took home some ideas for the future of NWMAP. Possibilities include Hosted Software by the seat. “NWMAP already sells/provides several Hosted services and this one looks promising for our future.” Also, offering Agents a new avenue of sales offerings to clients; a cell plan. Agents would receive residual earnings selling this to clients and rebilling of existing clients such as Verizon and At&T.

Overall, it was a successful, and busy, Vegas Telecom Expo getaway.

Increase Sales With What You Got

We all know there’s a lot of hype and topic-of-the-week talk when it comes to sales. As a salesperson or a business, what’s trending this week, is something we hear often.
Who cares! You can use your run-of-the-mill routine or current business tactics, BUT with a few EXTRAS and additions that work FOR you to take your sales to the next level. These tips can be useful for anybody in business, and especially sales.

Something old, Something new: Ed Catmull, President of Disney’s successful Pixar animation studios, uses a tried and true formula. Blend something you know works with something a little bit out there, or not so obvious. This tactic can be successful simply because it blends something high risk with something low risk and if you blend it well, it’s magic.

Do what you know…already: It may sound safe, but using your personal skill set or business approach to shine is always best in making sales. If your absolute strong suit is your knowledge about your product, use what you got. We’ve all seen somebody trying to pretend to be something they’re not or selling something they’re not convinced about. Find your point of confidence and run with it.

Go big: Look at the giants for inspiration. You may not want to be Amazon or Nordstrom, but they have some of the most amazing reports of excellent service that it proves worth paying attention to what they’re doing to get those reviews. First, have a way for your clients to post comments or reviews. You can learn a lot just with this and it really takes advantage of the Internet way of doing business. Feedback, feedback, feedback! Being concerned about your clients’ satisfaction is good business in itself.

Happy Business To You…