Cloud Trends We Love!

The Cloud is only getting better; making business more flexible, optimal for growth, and secure. We have plenty of products and services to choose from, but here’s a couple trends we feel confident about this year.

#1) IT services, such as IT HelpDesk feel like everyday support in an organization. These IT services enable an IT employee, or department to tackle bigger projects other than the minutiae of daily hassles. And it makes the smaller details much easier. The daily hassles can also be formulated into analytics and data to assist IT with these duties. If a smaller sized company is without an IT department, Cloud IT services can certainly function as one.
The capacity to expand lies within the utilization of Cloud IT services.

#2) Hybrid Cloud…an feasible option for many businesses. One foot in the cloud and one foot on the ground. It’s come with a “playing it safe” stigma in the past, but it is now openly accepted as the right path for some organizations. There are solutions and services built to support this model. Everything is always in transition. Even for companies that want to be “all-in” when it comes to cloud adoption, it’s not always possible. Other organizations prefer it that way. Cloud technology makes it possible.

Help Desk Does More For The IT Department!

Matrix’ Help Desk Frees Up The IT Department
Designed to help your business reach the next level seamlessly, we offer you a solution by Matrix to help with tasks that overwhelm the IT Department. Its like having your own IT department you can trust to keep you operational.

Their Help Desk product is a stand-alone product to help ease the burden of adds, moves, changes, lost passwords, login assistance & more from the IT Department.

This allows them to focus on the bigger projects essential to keeping the network running smooth and efficient.

*Matrix offers several Cloud service solutions!