Business Intelligence


Smarter, faster, better decisions based on an in-depth analysis of your business Data

Discover your business’ next significant opportunity. With EffortlessBI™ – our business intelligence solution – you’re able to leverage critical data to make faster and more informed decisions. Take advantage of all of your analytics across systems, and dive deep via our easy-to-use and customizable dashboards that are accessible from any device, at any time. With the right data insights, your business can find hidden opportunities that had been previously overlooked.
Not every bit of data you collect requires in-depth analysis. The ability to efficiently filter your data is just as important as collecting it. EffortlessBI™ gives you the ability to filter and sort critical business information quickly with customizable dashboards on a user-to-user basis.
Previously, if a company had the need or desire to combine any of its data sources, it was a very complicated and prolonged process. With powerful and flexible tools that allow you to explore data in new ways, you’re able to gain a fresh, impactful perspective on your business’ information.
The customizable alerts available within EffortlessBI™ keep you informed of any changes in your data, notifies you when new content has been created, and keeps you up-to-date on trending topics within your team. Alerts allow your business to stay on top of what’s going on so there are no missed opportunities.
Task management is built into the EffortlessBI™ platform so that newly discovered opportunities are easily shared, turned into tasks, and adequately managed. Analyzing your data efficiently and effectively doesn’t mean much if the data discovery doesn’t quickly turn into action.
Your business can now make better critical decisions by being able to quickly filter through more accurate data delivered in real time.

Managed IT Services

As a CEO or business owner, having the right network infrastructure is very important, but having it run at optimal performance is crucial.

The Problem: most companies have a dedicated IT department that can be costly or owners end up having to become an IT professional overnight.
The Solution: outsourcing your IT needs by utilizing Managed Services.

We’ve put together the top benefits of using Managed Services for your IT needs:

1. Controls IT costs. You pay a fixed monthly cost, reducing or eliminating the surprise IT bills, keeping the costs consistent and within your budget, and only paying for what you need or use.
2. Provides the knowledge and experience. If you are not experienced in IT services, how will you be able to verify that the technician you have working for you in-house is qualified? By working with a Managed IT Services Provider, you can be confident in their knowledge and expertise.
3. Reduces labor costs and company costs. There are a lot of costs associated with hiring and training IT staff and companies that try to do all the in-house IT themselves end up spending more time on research, development and implementation. This results in higher wage costs and higher company costs, where outsourcing allows you to focus your resources where you need them most.
4. Can implement quickly. Partnering with an experienced Managed Services Provider can provide a quick implementation for your company. They will have the right resources to begin right away, saving you time and money from Day 1. An in-house IT staff might take weeks or months for research and implementation for the same or similar project.
5. Reduces your risk. Every business has some sort of network security or financial compliance, depending on their industry. Industry standards, government regulations and technology is ever changing at a rapid pace. By outsourcing to a qualified Managed Services Provider, they assume and managed a lot of the risk for you, helping to avoid the risk by ensuring your business practices are secure and in compliance for any financial transactions (such as credit card processing), client records and data, sensitive information or proprietary information.
6. Levels the playing field. By outsourcing your IT needs, it can help companies of all sizes by leveling the playing field, giving them access to the same or similar technologies that the larger companies maintain. It can be the differentiator for businesses, allowing them to effectively be a top competitor in their industry.
7. Helps you stay focused. CEO’s and business owners already have limited time, so adding IT decisions or being an IT project manager can be extremely distracting. Utilizing an outsourced Managed IT Services Provider allows you to stay focused on your core business and core products, as well as focusing your resources in the areas that need it.

We’ve partnered with top Managed IT Service Providers for these exact reasons – to bring you the best of the best and help you to:
– Restore efficiency and productivity to your company
– Restore and enhance network security and compliance
– Save time and save money

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Project Management

Do you have a project that’s going nowhere? Everyone involved is talking but no one is listening and nothing is getting done? Is your time being consumed by your project preventing you from focusing on running and building your business?
Then you need a Project Manager to get your “ducks in order” and manage your project for you! They will organize all the teams involved getting everyone working together, meeting milestones and deadlines, helping to streamline the process to completion while removing all miscommunication. And they will keep you up to date on where the project is at so you can focus on the things that truly need your attention – growing your business! In essence, they are key to your project’s success!
Whether you are in the planning phases or halfway through a project, you need a Project Manager to take the lead. They are driven by a clear mission and an underlying set of values that will maintain accountability and ethical behavior while bringing your people together. They will encourage diverse viewpoints and enable your loyal employees to contribute to ensure your projects best success. This has a positive influence on both your business and with the projects results, bringing your most valued asset, your employees, together.
Like a conductor leading a symphony, they will bring focus to the project and keep everyone focused on the task at hand, orchestrating a beautiful piece of music.
That’s where we here at NWMAP can help! We can assist in finding you the best Project Manager to fit your projects unique needs! Contact us to schedule a discovery meeting today!

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

All business owners should be regularly evaluating their network, network needs and planning for future growth. But why be your own IT Company?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an instant network infrastructure. It is an entire network, provisioned and managed over the Internet. This allows you the flexibility to quickly scale up and down with demand and you only pay for what you use.

We are seeing a rapidly growing trend among small to medium sized businesses, moving to this type of network. According to Statista, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), is predicted to reach $17.5B worldwide in 2018. Household name companies like Amazon currently hold the largest IaaS market share with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and will be competing with other cloud infrastructure services like Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine (GCE).

2018 will be the year where adoption of Enterprise Cloud Services improves for businesses of all sizes. It makes sense for a lot of them as it is cost effective, and can fit most budgets. Consumer Cloud Services will skyrocket, Cloud-based File Sharing Services will Increase, Collaboration Services will become more familiar, and Social Media Services will continue to be made applicable to every industry and claim the highest in adoption.

Each IaaS resource is offered as a separate service component, so you only need to rent a particular service for as long as you need it. It also helps you avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing your own physical servers and other network infrastructure. This will free you up to focus on business, versus being an IT expert. The Cloud computing service provider you choose manages the infrastructure, while you purchase, install, configure, and manage your own software—operating systems, middleware, and applications. We are not seeing this as a bandwagon type of technology, so we assist our clients in evaluating this type of network as a viable solution, to see if it’s a good fit for their company.

Is your head spinning? No worries… we speak the lingo and can match you with one of our partners who specialize in this area!!



Project Management

Do you have a project in the works but it’s stalled because no one is working together? Do you want to expand but have no idea where to start? You should consider hiring a Project Manager and we can help with that. Whether your team collaboration crosses cubicles or spans time zones, a project manager is the engine that keeps work moving along and all teams on the same page and we can find the right person for the job.
Here are the top 3 reasons you need a Project Manager –
• They are the main point of contact for all teams involved. They communicate and keep everyone on track so that tasks and deadlines are met. Even one delayed deadline will impact all other work. It’s like a domino effect, where negative consequences will lead to a project scope creep. With a Project Manager at the helm, you can trust that they will meet those deadlines in time.
• A Project Manager will help to make sure the project falls within the budget established. Without project management, a new endeavor can take longer to develop and implement. Time is money, and most businesses are investing in and allocating resources to the development of new things. If the project is not being properly monitored, resources are wasted or misused.
One of the ways project managers keep costs down is by understanding the resources needed for any one project. Many project managers contracted for specific types of work have a reliable contact list of contractors to use on any project. The project manager should be able to put a team together as needed based on the scope and budget of the project.
• Effective project management gives businesses a competitive advantage. Business owners who constantly try to stay competitive may find themselves in areas they are unfamiliar with on projects. Project management helps the business owner by using the experts in the areas needed while allowing the business owner to serve as an adviser to the project. The project manager can break any project into smaller sections and provide timetables and metrics regarding success that help the business owner define the true viability of the project.
If you have a large project on the drawing board but not sure where or how to begin or already in the works but it’s not going anywhere and there’s a lot of miscommunication, you need a Project Manager and we are here to help you find the right person to ensure your project’s success!