Integra Telecom’s New Service; Wireless Backup Option. Get (and stay) Connected

Connectivity is crucial. Losing data connectivity can cascade into a number of critical issues for a company, especially a loss of revenue and productivity until service can be restored. Integra now offers a Wireless Backup option. Our MPLS customers can take advantage of leveraging Verizon’s nationwide wireless network.

This exclusive Wireless Backup service is perfect for customers that recognize the importance of network connectivity.

  • Enterprise locations with multiple branch offices
  • Retail locations with point of sale terminals
  • Financial institutions with ATMs

Wireless Backup offers true diversity from wire line services and is more cost-effective than traditional redundancy methods. The addition of Wireless Backup to Integra’s portfolio is another reason why NW MAP is proud to partner with them to bring you new services that meet your needs.

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Integra Telecom; New Hosted Voice Service

Small and medium businesses can affordably get their communication needs met with Integra’s new offer; Hosted voice VoIP by the seat! Product components include Access Line (utilizing Ethernet Private Line (EPL) for subscriber access and Subscriber Line (per subscriber basis- single line with traditional capabilities). Package choices are basic, standard (traditional uses and workers), or premium package (which is ideal for mobile capabilities and increased productivity), and even “Ala carte” features and/or customization options.

Some of the key product features of Integra’s Hosted Voice Portal include: Integra Desktop communicator, Easy Attendant, Premium Attendant, Internet and Call Me Buttons.

It’s really an optimal choice for clients and can provide solutions, reliability, scalability,  and easy administration. In addition Polycom phones are available. Get in on this now!

For more information on these services please contact a NW MAP Agent today:


Business Leadership; Do You Qualify?

With the ongoing elections beating at the heart of America, making a decision about who will be our leader comes to mind. What makes a good leader? We’ve seen this age-old question, maybe mulled it over, for as long as we’ve been in the business of business. There are theories, there are tests even, but leadership evolves and changes with the business culture and atmosphere of today….and tomorrow? As usual this is yet another aspect of business when what works today may not work tomorrow.

Leaders in various industries stand out to us…some are role models, others may have gotten that far by happenstance. Either way, people are beginning to mull this question over again so let’s take a thoughtful look into it. Often times we think of a boss or CEO as a good leader, or the obvious leader, but the ability to lead does not come with the highest ranking position. So what qualifies someone, in general, as a leader?

  1. Balance of positive versus negative. Is this a 50/50 percentage of good and bad? No. research has shown just one negative comment takes about five positive ones to counteract. This also applies to constructive criticism- lead with the good followed by constructive advice.
  2. Communicate effectively. Ask questions about how people perceive what you’ve communicated to them. Don’t assume that you are leader and everyone needs to learn your communication style. This also means co-workers communicating well with each other and within the organization you lead.
  3. Don’t be too busy…for anyone or anything. The problem with getting too busy is things begin to get overlooked. Maybe you forgot to tell an outstanding employee how good they did. Little things like that effect big things like performance.
  4. Always invest in people…clients and employees. People are your business no matter what business you’re in. In the age of Internet and lack of face to face encounters, one thing still remains, people are the face and voice of your business so make personal meeting and customer reviews a regular part of your business.
  5. Learn from mistakes. Sometimes it’s helpful learning from your competitior’s mistakes or another business, but you will always remember the mistakes you made so that is naturally great, and memorable, learning material. All CEO’s will confess to having to learn through some hard-earned whoops.

Carrier Promotions; Cash Money Now for Telecommunications Agents

Representing over 40 Telecommunications carriers, NW MAP (Master Agent Program) has several promotions available at any given time. This is an opportunity for telecom Agents to earn money now and residual. NW MAP also provides the tools for Agents to get started and continue down a successful path, working in a field that supports technology, can offer superior solutions for clients, and is rewarding. Just one of many examples below:

Comcast Promotion: Happening now through 9/21/12

  • PRI — $500 per deal

Both Fractional and
Full PRI’s qualify

      Min. 2 year agreement. Pay on Order

  • Metro-E — $700 per deal

 50 Mbps minimum

  All 4
Metro-Ethernet solutions qualify (EDI, ENS, EPL, EVPL)

 Minimum 3 year term

 Pay on Order Acceptance

  PRI and Metro E volumes continue to grow each month.

Would you like to work for yourself, make your own hours, earn money now and in the future? NW MAP is looking for motivated Telecommunications Agents to work on our team. Work from anywhere and we give you the tools you need. One of the fastest growing Master Agencies in the area is looking for Agents. Join our team today!