Telecom in the News!

Each month NWMAP Telecom likes to feature Telecom events that made it in the news or pertinent info to your need-to-know Telecom info. We haven’t updated this in a couple of months now so we’d like to start anew this month by sharing WHERE we get our news from.

Many sites have frequently updated Tech and Telecom info in abundance, but not all of it is pertinent to everyone. We focus on widespread news that benefits or affects many people. Lately we’ve been focusing on business, sales approach, and other aspects within the Telecom industry itself.

Some great daily info for CIO’s and even CEO’s is at the Harvard Business Review site under the “Blogs” section: There is a lot of info here from leadership, sales approaches, innovation, and all the other buzz words of the day. Some of it is based largely on opinions, making it subjective in nature, However, there are some gems here so keep on the lookout. Our favorite this month was:

We also like our Telecom carriers’ blogs. NWMAP has over 40 carriers we represent. These are specific to the needs of our agents at NWMAP and people in the industry. We like Intelysis Blog and Telecom Channel Blog: . Another good one is 8×8: http://www.8×

For the daily grind: and Oh, and one more: . You’re going to find company specific news here and news on the big ones like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google, etc.


Teams and Buddy Systems in the Sales & Entrepreneurial Fields

With over 40 carriers/partners, NWMAP has to think about relationships with  both our clients and partners continuously. There is no ONE person manning this boat. It’s a team effort.

Here’s some tips for getting the most out of the buddy system and a team effort:

Find people with like goals

– people tend to focus on finding contacts in their industry, but support from any industry can be helpful. We can find likenesses on other commonalities such as small businesses, community/ location, etc. and common goals like promoting your business.

Return favors

– Nearly every online endeavor requires others; fans, followers, comments, “likes”, and sharing. Heck, no line displays this better than one given by musicians at a concert when thanking their fans because without them they wouldn’t be on that stage. The role of the Internet for business is similar. It’s important to answer comments and questions, to follow when someone follows you- the Internet is useless for teaming up unless you return favors.

Everyone has a role

– Remember your first group projects, whether it was a college assignment or something at work? Roles were immediately determined even before the project began. Some went well and many others ended in disaster with blame and someone appointed to a position that clearly wasn’t cut out for them. Businesses are considering strengths first and so should you. So often we immediately decide whether a contact will be good for our business or not when actually later down the road that not-so-obvious contact could contribute major value in some area for our business. Everyone has a role even though it may not be apparent right away.

Encourage others

– Always encourage others to give you feedback and ideas. Comments, questions, inquires, all contribute to the idea of a buddy system and team effort.

Stand for something

– In these fields, whether you own your own business or you are all business, customer service is key. At NWMAP it’s been our top priority since day 1. We stand by it, and make it happen…no matter what. You have to be honorable, authentic, and not be willing to sell out for at least one thing. You must stand by it, be true to it, and this will enable you to lead the pack in your endeavors.

NWMAP Telecom Team News!

Recent events at NWMAP: John Ludwig, our very important Agent team member celebrated a birthday this month. A great time was had by all at Vancouver’s waterfront restaurant… Who Song and Larry’s. Yes, the yummy Mexican place where they sing (really loud) their birthday guests a silly song and place a humungous sombrero atop their head. Also, Lennie Green, President at NWMAP, celebrated his birthday July 20, aboard a bus headed for FUN!

In other news: Lennie Green, President at NWMAP Telecom, went to Hawaii at the Waikiki tradeshow event to support one of our Agents, Jeff Gray.