Holiday Deals on Telecom Services

Black Friday isn’t over for us here. We’re offering deals all season. AT NWMAP there will be no pushing or shoving for these deals, just good old fashioned customer service. That might be refreshing after the infamous Black Friday! We’ve got Hosted VoIP, business bundles, mobile solutions, and eFax.


10M- 60M (from $349.95- 548.95)

Includes: 2,000 LD Minutes, 50 DID’s, 10 Channels PRI/SIP, 3 TF’s, and 250 conference minutes


Ranging from 10M EOC with 6 Seats  for $350 up to 60M EOC with 10 Seats for $575

Ask us about eFax for $7.95 (.03 cents/minute)

Mobile solutions include Virtual Office services and marketing solutions such as Call Tracking.

For these deals and more, inquire here:

Have a safe and Happy Holiday season!


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The Communication/ Technology Barrier

There are several types of communication errors and ways in which communication gets tricky between business representatives and customers, especially those in the technology industry and those wishing to learn about, purchase, and/or train with that technology. Ever worked in a business office/company and there was either new technology to implement or something broke down for the IT Department to handle? It’s an interesting conversation when non-technical people are communicating with technical types. In the Telecom industry communication must be a priority with our customers. At NWMAP we handle everything from inquiries on products and services to sales to implementing and training. We must be able to explain technology in laymen’s terms, but also understand clients and how they communicate their needs.

Here’s how we’ve successfully handled the barrier that often arises in communicating technology:

  • We take a step by step approach. First understand the client and listen to what they are communicating.
  • Never offend the customer’s intelligence. Simple is better of course, but not overly simplistic.
  • Always acknowledge the customer’s points by repeating some of what they said or paraphrasing.
  • Find out how your customer prefers to communicate. Some people prefer email over phone or vice versa.
  • Make a straightforward plan together. We never add anything into the mix, like sales of products they won’t need or significantly benefit from.
  • Always be available for questions. When it comes to technology, nothing will get communicated if the tech people are not available.




So You Want to be a Telecom Agent? Or Just Earn Extra Cash?

There’s benefits to being a Telecom agent…make your own hours, do as much or as little for what suits your life and needs, create a residual income, make money up front with carrier promos (monthly, seasonal, quarterly). One additional benefit if you choose to partner with NWMAP, we set you up with the tools you need. We also serve as your backup system- you need us, we’re there, you get sales, we take it from there. We help assure our clients/ your clients are well taken care of.

NWMAP does not pressure you to sell certain products or services. It’s very different from the sales agent who works for one specific Telecom company. Sometimes they are told what to say, what to sell, and so forth. We have/offer multiple carriers for a reason, so our clients get what they want, but also so our agents can offer what IS BEST for our clients…a best fit is what we like to call it.

There’s lots of Fall and end of year promos going on. Make some extra cash for your holiday pocket and join our team!

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