Blurred Communications

We’re in the business of helping others be successful. That is literally what makes us successful. Unfortunately for far too many businesses, are not able to do what they do best- their business. Servicing and making a product is your business. Managing your communications infrastructure and your information system from phones to computers, is our business.

Blurred infrastructure of communications has become the norm. Worrying on a daily or monthly basis about how effective your technology is, your specific communications services, maintaining it all, is not your business. Ever increasing costs managing them is business as usual for nearly every corporation today.

Imagine how it would feel to get back to basics. To do what YOU do best- what your company does best. Now ask yourself why you would not have a company like ours manage all this for you at a portion of what you pay now. Comprehensive services; Desktop, Phones, Servers, Transport, Hosted services, and more. We can do this for you. We have extensive knowledge and experience. You could even skip the hiring in-house experts, raises to boot, and the added cost of employee benefits.

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Lennie Green, President NW MAP

Communication Break Down; How do Two Large Airlines Fail at Failover?

Twice this past month, I had the displeasure of experiencing computer malfunctions when flying. Nope! It wasn’t a personal device. Amazingly it was two large Airlines. They came to a standstill stranding thousands. Who knows how many people couldn’t get where they were going for a day or more? Yet most of us accept (the downside of technology) that which I consider unacceptable. We have the capabilities (and superior technology) to remedy this. To me it seems a simple fix.

I know they have set up their infrastructure to be centralized. Their considerable IT staff and facilities are there to prevent this very thing from transpiring. But I think they have missed a fundamental aspect crucial to every business. Failover. Redundancy. Failover is the CONSTANT capability to automatically and seamlessly switch to a HIGHLY RELIABLE backup.

What would I have done differently? I would have built in redundant services that is GEO diverse, Carrier diverse and automatic transfer at the slightest malfunction. You know if this was set up they would not have seen a holistic shut down of services. I am astounded that they let this happen. What did it cost them today, and into the future?

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Lennie Green, President NW MAP

New Service Added to Our Portfolio! Website Design!

We were sold…that is, when we used these services for our own new website design! Now we’ve collaborated with the designers behind our new website and will be offering their services to all of our clients as well!

Maybe you already have a website, but know it needs some serious updates. A new look and smooth transition a good fit for you!

Do you have a new business and need a website?

Is the cost, and time, of building or editing a website holding you back?

Our partner that designs websites can provide anywhere from a 1 page informational site to a multi-page site with thousands of products.
They can design a site that is custom to your business that you can be proud of.

Not sure what you need or how you want it to look? Contact us and we can help: