Earn Money as a Referral Partner!


Why we need Referral Partners:

  • We want to give opportunities to those who already have a job but would like to supplement their income with minimal efforts!
  • It’s an effective way to earn business.

Why Referral Agent is an excellent opportunity for YOU:

  • Easy
  • Work around your existing job
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Little effort on your part- we take care of the rest!
  • It can work for you in several ways and you can even become an Agent.

We’ll give you the tools! You won’t be left in the dark because we inform you about the process and update you with info on your payments.

The plan:

  1. All you have to do is refer the business and we will do the rest and keep you in the loop.
  2. You get paid residually on all that is sold into the account for services you don’t represent.
  3. You get an email of commissions.
  4. You can check in on an opportunity with our staff.
  5. We will meet with the client.
  6. You will get paid based on the sell.

Contact us for more info: https://nwmap.com/contact-us





October Promos! Agents Earn Extra Cash.

Two Promos worth mentioning this month!

Now trough Dec. 1, 2015 Airespring is offering an extra 50% on the port of an MPLS network of 5 nodes or more.


*SPIFFS now available on renewals.

  • 150% SPIFF on Connectivity services
  • 600% SPIFF on Voice/Cloud services
  • $800 cash bonus on LD services

* (1-3 yr terms)

Now through Dec. 1 2015: Broadvoice, a leader in Cloud services offers a very competitive Promo!

2x MRR upfront for agent
1 month free for customer