NWMAP Telecom Offers Voicewalker

NEW: Voicewalker Hosted VoIP

 Communication is a way of life for businesses both small and large so it is imperative the right fit and best choice is made available.

 NWMAP is now offering Voicewalker,  superb communication without breaking the bank: Voicewalker provides Hosted PBX Service and Trunk Replacement Service through Digital Voice Advantage suite of Voice over IP products. 

 When companies are in need of better or additional communication systems, NWMAP always works with them to provide a best fit solution and easy transitions without extra costs.

For more details contact: info@nwmap.com or https://nwmap.com/contact-us



Optimism in the Workplace

During a recession or in difficult economic times, it’s been revealed that employees are more unhappy with their jobs. This goes against what most of us would think. Wouldn’t people be happy they have a job when so many others don’t or when there is a shortage of jobs in the U.S, land of plenty? During a recession people also spend more money on entertainment. And you’d think we couldn’t afford those things if we are struggling just paying for the basics.

What does all this information tell us? People usually work harder for the same wages during a recession- maybe they’re doing the job of two people instead of one. Currently there is probably a lot of unhappy workers and workplace negativity. People want to be happy right now- they spend money to cheer themselves up rather than pay bills.

How do you create optimism in the workplace?

  • Diagnose unhappiness. Find out what is making employees unhappy.
  • Set attainable goals  that everyone can get involved with.
  • Many companies are trying to cut costs, but unhappy workers take more sick days, steal things from the company, and wasted more time at work. It’s best to give employees incentives, contests, rewards, recognitions, and ways they can earn even a small bonus. This seems like you are spending more money, but it will save you.
  •  Turn extra work into a project they can feel a part of and proud to accomplish.
  • If you are manager, CEO, CIO, or any level of management, remember you set the tone for the company. Smile more yourself.

Integra Telecom Promotions

Don’t forget about Integra Telecom’s promotion this March. There’s still time to take advantage of new pricing promotions.

Low promotional rates on Integra’s flagship 10M Ethernet Service, popular T1 combinations, and dedicated data T1s.

 Ethernet Service: Up to 16 voice sessions- $499 (36 mo term MRR).

Integrated Access Service (SIP Solutions) – ranging from T1 (1.5 Mbps for $299) to T4 (6.0 Mbps for $799)

 Each of the 10M Ethernet or Integrated Access Service promotions include Integra’s Feature Pack Plus, which includes features like Premium Voicemail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, 3-Way Calling, Call Forward, plus up to 50 DID numbers.

 Add-on packages are available as well: ValuePlan + ISP Package + Online Data Storage ranging from $49 to $89.

 Current Integra customers can boost their integrated access bandwidth with additional T1’s. Additional bonded T1 for $199

RIO Networks 2012 Datacenter


An Article posted Feb 22, 2012 by Analyst, Rick Kurtzbein reviews RIO’s new Datacenter’s benefits including the datacenter’s cooling infrastructure, impressive square footage, being on the grid with 3MW power, diverse fiber paths, enhanced systems (including security), and information about the many benefits resulting from the new datacenter’s location on tribal grounds of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians. Being on tribal grounds offers benefits to RIO as well as their customers; including mild climate and favorable geographical location for great service, reliability, and disaster recovery.


The write-up boasts the anticipation of this Datacenter’s expected opening in Roseburg, Oregon the later part of 2012. It also reviews RIO’s history and the attributes of the company.

More info on RIO Networks, please contact Lennie Green at info@nwmap.com

NWMAP Agent Contest Winners Announced

Winners have been announced for the fishing trip contest drawing! Congratulations to:


Larry Wilcox with NWNetcom &

Jason Kunz with Feynman Group


Thank you to everyone who participated. You have a chance to win too. Look for more contest announcements in upcoming posts.