Attention Telecom Agents: Earn Extra Cash For Summer

untitledIf you aren’t already a Telecom Agent, but you want to earn extra cash, stop by here: You can also check this out:

So you want to earn extra cash? Preferably this summer because summer time is time to enjoy the extras in life. NWMAP works with over 40 Telecom carriers to hand out plenty of extras!

This month we have Broadvoice: June – September promo. 3X MMR to valued partners this month. All deals closed between July 1st and September 30th will receive 3X MRR upfront spiff on qualified orders.

Broadvoice: CLOUD PBX

• 3X SIP package MRR in upfront spiff

• Includes SMB, Enterprise, Call Center & Unlimited Packages

• 3 year minimum term required

• Maximum payout of $1200

• Spiff applied to SIP Package only


• 3X Hosted Seats MRR in upfront spiff

• No minimum of seats to qualify

• 3 year minimum term required

• Spiff applied to extension/seat only