What do you Think of Cloud Computing Technology?

NW MAP has seen recent interests peak around the latest buzz…Cloud technology.

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“Cloud computing services by definition enable resource sharing across multiple  data centers and other resources. This capability creates the opportunity to  reduce the peak capacity (measured in numbers of simultaneous active virtual  machines) of each data center down toward the average capacity of all data  centers. This is accomplished by using the network (cloud) to shift capacity  from highly utilized data centers to those with slack capacity….

Resource pooling using the cloud computing model also can be used to improve  service availability at lower cost by eliminating the need to build redundant  system elements into each data center. Network performance also is enhanced by  pooling resources to improve network accessibility and agility, and reduce  network latency and packet loss.”

Read more: Defining cloud computing services: benefits and caveats – FierceTelecom http://www.fiercetelecom.com/story/defining-cloud-computing-services-benefits-and-caveats/2012-03-12#ixzz1ykuwA2q4

These are great sources for defining and learning about cloud technology. Telecom vendor events in 2012 are also highly focused on cloud computing and technology:


We’d like to know what you think of Cloud Computing. How do think it will effect businesses? Security or other issues concern you? Any general questions regarding this technology? For many  businesses it will prove quite useful and consumer savvy. It is for you? What do you think about it?

We want to know…

Meet NW MAP Agent Dan Kimball

At NW MAP our Agents are people we trust with our clients, people with expertise, and people who have similar goals and professional values to NW MAP as a business. We’d like to turn the spotlight over to some of our Agents and introduce them to you. After-all, many companies and clients conduct a lot of business online and it can be an extremely impersonal transaction. We’d like to make that experience a little more personal by giving our Agents a chance to introduce themselves here. NW MAP Telecom is not just another telecom business. We have to ensure our clients feel comfortable enough to contact us whenever they need assistance.

That being said, let’s meet one of the Agents: Dan Kimball

Dan’s professional Telecom past includes 15+ years in this business- several of those in management. Some of the places he has worked for are; At&T Wireless, Clearwire, and Rio Networks. Currently (and for the last 3+ yrs) he has been President/CEO of LucidTelecom, LLC, involving 1-10 employee operation in the Telecom industry. LucidTelecom is a consulting firm that provides the latest in telecommunications products and services (22+ carriers) from telephony to MPLS Fiber optics- basically cutting edge products at affordable prices.

On a personal note, Dan has been married for 18 years to his lovely wife with their 15 yr old son. They currently reside in Medford, OR. He is involved in a fundraiser for Vegas in the Valley event; The Hadley Hope Foundation for  Niemann-Pick disease, which is a rare, progressive neurodegenerative disorder. Patients with NPC disease typically present in early childhood with difficulty walking and progressive impairment of motor and intellectual function.

If you’d like to be an Agent for NW MAP Master Agent Program please contact us: https://nwmap.com/contact-us/become-an-agent  




Telecommunications News: RIO Networks

Great news for RIO Networks this month. In fact they’ve been having an outstanding year. Besides recent news, Rio Network’s new data center has allowed them to be the best in data capacity, redundant power and back-up, and security. With the growing popularity of the Cloud, the Oregon data center managed by Rio Networks is the only way to go. The numerous benefits include offloading infrastructure development, automatic fail over engineering, daily backups, maintenance, and lots of other features that will help businesses run smoothly.

RIO continues to celebrate new successes and reach out to more companies than ever. Recently they’ve announced a partnership with Umpqua Dairy Products Company providing their phone,
data and Internet services.


They’ve also announced the installation of Rio Freedom Suite for Nosler, a manufacturer of bullets, brass, ammunition and rifles.


Find out about RIO Networks products and services:  https://nwmap.com/contact-us

Support your Veterans; A Worthy Cause

Hunting with Heroes and Night of the Patriot!  Hunting with Heroes and an event called Night of the Patriot is a three day event beginning on October 12th with Hunting with Heroes, where 45 veterans will get the opportunity to hunt and fish in Klickitat County.   The event will conclude with Night of the Patriot, a community event recognizing local veterans.  Night of the Patriot, held at the Pearson Air Museum in Vancouver, WA, will consist of a concert, food, sponsor booths and children’s activities.  Along with sponsors and VIP attendees, community members are invited to attend the Night of the Patriot. There will also be military personnel and local dignitaries at the event

Hunting with Heroes was sparked by an idea to create a unique environment for veterans to connect and be honored through an executive level outdoor experience. We have set out to establish a venue that will bring veterans of all ages to the great outdoors.

After a remarkable weekend of hunting and fishing, our veterans will be escorted back to Vancouver, WA in presidential fashion, led by the Patriot Guard riders, to the Pearson Air. Museum near historic Fort Vancouver. The Night of the Patriot is a free community concert that will start at 4:00pm Sunday, October 14th and will be open to all families of active military, veterans, leaders of the community and the general public. Your support in these events allows us to provide an executive level outdoor experience to our veterans and to recognize veterans in our community. Not only will they experience great hunting and fishing, but the camaraderie with fellow veterans will provide a healing experience and a welcome home that they have long deserved. We appreciate your partnership and continued commitment to honor veterans throughout our community.

Please reach out and support your Veteran. For more info contact info@nwmap.com or jessica.Tetz@sayfrog.com

Thank you! From NW MAP


IT Spending Down; Great News for Telecommunications

Several articles I’ve run across lately are forecasting a downturn in spending for IT departments. This is largely due to the economic recession of course. Many companies have cut costs where they can during the first couple years of the recession, but now they’re reaching down further with the looming of a slowing global economy.


Technology is what gives a company the edge, competition, and advantage and in most circumstances is not wise to make cuts to such an important area within a company. However, it’s understandable that companies must do what they have to do to merely survive in this atmosphere.

The GOOD NEWS is telecommunications is getting more advanced by the day, month, year…AND costs are getting lower. How is telecommunications lowering costs? The answer is making your money work for you- stripping out the unnecessary technology and making a plan specifically that meets your needs- a perfect fit, NWMAP agents like to call it. Telecom agencies like NWMAP are pros at solutions- they are not trying to sell you what you don’t need. NWMAP is a master agent program in which telecom agents are working for you and even providing free bill reviews, suggestions, and plans that will help you get the most for your dollar.

You can still make communications within your company a priority. Most companies don’t even know they could be saving money and getting updated technology or better services and systems. A lot of companies don’t think to question their telecom providers and they could be carrying around a lot of dead weight with technology they don’t need. On the flip-side many are stuck and believe they have to have outdated products and think the cost of updating will be too much. All wrong!

Please find out how you can save money and get more for your money. It is possible. Contact us: https://nwmap.com/contact-us or request a quote: https://nwmap.com/contact-us/request-quote

If you’d like to become a Telecom agent and help others achieve more for their money: https://nwmap.com/contact-us/become-an-agent