Telecom in the News: November 2011

At the end of the month, NWMAP Telecom likes to update our agents and clients on the Telecom that made news.

One of our carriers has seen a lot of news this past month; Paetec recently acquired former Intellifiber/Cavalier and the acquisition between Paetec and Windstream has the FCC’s approval. What does this mean for customers? As stated by the agency: “poses no significant competitive harms and should provide benefits to residential and business customers resulting from Windstream offering a broader range of competitive services in the markets served by the combined company.”

Read more: Windstream gets the FCC’s blessing for its PAETEC acquisition – FierceTelecom

Integra continues to up their game. We’re hearing from them in the news continuously and it clearly symbolizes their increasingly predominant presence in the telecom industry. To better provide customers telecom services, Integra Telecom is reaching out by putting ADTRAN to work on Ethernet solutions.

Another source for Telecom news concerning your business and HD video meetings is Recently they’ve focused on a series of blog postings about digital meetings disasters. This is valuable for those that have iMeet services and those wanting to learn about the technology.

Hope you’ve had an excellent November, from NWMAP!

Customer Wants and Needs

There is no doubt businesses are currently focused on financial projections for the upcoming year based on this shopping season. Recently with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, everyone has money on their mind. So it’s easy to forget what matters more than money, what ultimately sells your services and/or products…Customers.

Customers are looking for the deals right now, but this is also a time they reach out and try new products or services and how you treat your customers can form a lasting impression. So what goes on in the customer’s mind when purchasing or choosing where to do business? What do customers want?  Increasing your understanding of people is crucial to your success.

“Please don’t give us something overly complex.” Don’t overwhelm your customer the long version explanation of ALL their possibilities or give them products and services well above their needs. You may personally have an idea about the ultimate myriad of products and services  you would have if the choice was yours, but chances are these ideas don’t fit for your average customer. Giving them their best fit, addressing the main points, keeps things simple for all involved. Listen to what they really want.

“Do you know what type of service we require?” Are you taking into consideration the size of business you are working with, the type of customer you have, the detail of questions and concerns the customer has? Determine what level of service they are seeking or what kind of product they want.

“What do you have to offer us?” This time of year people expect deals, freebies, etc. Have good communication about what services you are providing and what those services are achieving for your client. What’s the value for their buck. For instance, NWMAP Telecom reviews bills and services free for clients and potential clients so there’s no guessing from the start. Making it known what you have to offer is often where businesses surprisingly sell themselves short. Barnes and Noble is another example of how a business offers continuous value for their customers- they offer free support for all Nooks they sell. This is part of the marketing for their product as well- they make their value known that their value extends beyond the purchase itself.

RIO Freedom Suite

NWMAP brings you RIO’s finest technology; RIO Freedom Suite. RIO Freedom Suite is a cloud-based voice and data system that includes hardware, software and installation at one low price. In addition, free installation, no up-front costs, and free hardware. Businesses are able to be more productive from anywhere, start a business with no up-front costs, and have ultimate protection against spam and viruses.


Phone: IP Telephone Handset, Enterprise business phone service, PBX phones system and manager, Auto-Attendant manages call without a receptionist, conference capabilities with 10 seat capacity.

E-fax: 2-way e-fax to email, Receive faxes on Smartphone, remote access, fax anywhere with Internet access.

Email: Enterprise email, spam and virus protection, no exchange server needed, and calendar sharing.

Smart Phone Integration: voicemail, mail. E-fax, calendar, contacts.

HD Video Conferencing: Desktop Video Conferencing, Call endpoints and IPs, Robust business video software app, mobile apps, host up to 30 participants in HD quality technology

Telecom Agents: Contest!

Who would like to go fishing? NWMAP wants to offer agents the chance to win a guided fishing trip. As an added incentive to start your new year, we’re having a drawing February 29, 2012. We’re offering every agent a chance to win a guided fishing trip of your choice! Pick any of the following locations: Tillamook, Willamette, Columbia, Deschutes, Lewis, or Cowlitz. Do you like sturgeon, salmon, steelhead, or trout? Who knows maybe you’ll catch the big one.

 How to win: Your name will be entered in the drawing for every block of $400 in new revenue you sell.

 This drawing is an opportunity for agents to set goals for 2012. We want you to see how your work pays off in more than one way. Sell a little and have a lot of fun! If you’re interested in becoming a Telecom Agent at NWMAP, it’s easy. We give you the tools you need and agent incentives as well. Contact us:


Get Hosted Voice Services- All Hawaii Islands

In today’s world, staying connected is the only way to do business- it is truly our way of life and no one would think of downsizing their connectivity. If anything, more markets reached and more connectedness equals a more profitable bottom line. Perhaps this means you would like to market to Hawaii with your own local number ringing to you?  Any island, anywhere. We can help. NWMAP can provide solutions for you to get connected with various hosted voice services.  We’re introducing Hawaii islands (808) Toll Free services and VoIP telephone systems. All this and more, plus we can really save you money too. How? Contact NWMAP: