Tech Tuesday 12/4/18

Lets talk #customercare. Its #techtuesday and not only do we set the standard in providing quality connections for your #technology related needs, we set the bar in your #customerexperience.  Check out our new Vlog this week and share with us in the comments about your best and worst experience related to your business.  We want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly!  Check back next week as we discuss more and how we can help you.


The “Cloud” is your Friend!

The “Cloud” is your Friend!

Something we get asked all the time is what is “the cloud” and how does it differentiate from a hosted desktop? The difference is literally just where the physical server sits but outside of that, there isn’t a distinct difference between the two. We’ve been talking about hosted and cloud services on our #techtuesday vlog series this month and why they add value and flexibility to business owners and their companies. With the way technology trends are moving, in the next 4 years most businesses will be using a hosted service in some way or another. So why switch over? Who can you trust?

Why? A hosted desktop literally allows you to run business, and be inside your own desktop just by logging into a remote receiver. This can be done from a laptop and anywhere you can sync up to a Wifi connection. Where we see this really benefiting companies is that it allows the flexibility of having multiple locations and offsite employees while keeping everything connected and SECURE! The high level of protection your hosted provider maintains keeping ransomware attacks and viruses from doing their worst will give you the peace of mind- and save you time and money!

Who? As technology evolves there will be 100’s of companies and individuals who will “offer” you their service. The reality is, not every provider is created equal or are the best fit for what you may need. Differentiating and researching the ins and outs is time consuming and if you don’t know the lingo… can be overwhelming. This is exactly why we do what we do!! As a technology concierge, we have vetted out and partnered with multiple service providers in hosted services (and beyond) who we know offer the very best in features, customer service and who price their products fairly. Our top partners work with Las Vegas casinos, hospitals, government agencies, law firms, etc. All because of the security they offer in keeping everything under lock and key from getting breached or attacked.

What now? There is no time like the present to start thinking about the future of where you are taking your company’s technology growth and health. Let us help you start mapping that out and you will see for yourself that evolving with technology instead of going against it will allow you to do more life and more business. We are here to help, reach out to us and let’s get you in the Cloud!

Social Media……

Can you imagine a world where you are not devoting your time to Social Media? Most of us take this for granted as part of our lives. We don’t even think about the time we are involved in this process of checking in to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. What if there is a new solution coming to market that the business owners don’t have to really interface with the platform to market and grow their business? What it the product was guaranteed to make the business money! What is out there guaranteeing money back guarantee on marketing? Let’s just say this is a Win-Win-Win opportunity.
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