NW MAP Telecom Introduces JOOP4u; New Services (Electronic Fax) and Products in 2013

NW MAP is eager to begin the new year by introducing a new company to our carrier list along with new product lines. JOOP4u is primarily a VOIP provider that strongly supports going green with innovative products and services such as JOOPFax unlimited, an electronic fax service geared toward reducing costs and carbon footprint (no toner, no paper), time (no waiting by a fax machine), and improving efficiency (no worrying or retrieving lost faxes).
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More to come next month about JOOP4u and other valuable services for you and your clients…



Better Selling in 2013

We’re going to really dive into the topic of sales this month because we know many of you are looking back on 2012 and looking forward to 2013 with goals in mind. How do you plan on targeting clients and new customers? How do you plan on being your personal best? We have some tips that came right from the horse’s mouth…well, top business execs and popular business blogs of 2012. Want to be a best-seller? Read on:

  • Build on past successes.
  • Focus. As the year goes on and we pile one thing on top of the other, we can lose our priorities and focus.
  • Improve and innovate. Customers demand a better way to do everything and this isn’t unreasonable.
  • Sell solutions, not services or products. Meet specific needs of your clients instead of focusing on specific products only.
  • Demonstrate a drive to learn and listen. Your success depends on your clients success so learn from them and listen to them.
  • Make it easy for your customers. Find ways to make it easy for your customers to choose you- this means making the technology or transitions easier or communicating your value above others.


Key Aspects of Great Salesmanship

This being the last month in 2012, people are gearing up for the New Year, hence new goals and new resolutions. At NW MAP we’re often looking ahead in technology and what’s new in Telecom. This year has been focused on the Cloud and hosted services- making more things possible for more businesses. Do we have goals for selling these products and services? Well…yes and no. Our number one priority is our clients, always has been, always will be. So we’ll continue to do this in 2013.

Is there anything you or us can strive for this coming year? We’ve compiled a short list of key sales aspects that have hit high on lists for business, technology, and sales in general:

  1. Create value before claming any. If you sell, you’ll want to create relationships and establish value not only within your services, but also as a business…as a salesperson. At NWMAP we offer free bill reviews and service evaluations- we offer several no-charge services up front before anything else.
  2. Offer something specific. All types of businesses exist out there, and many have various and differing needs. If you want to get in the door, offer something specific to their needs.
  3. Make time. Time is a love-hate relationship for people in sales. Establishing relationships take time. Something you do now may benefit you 6 months from now. This also means taking time to grow- you can go to seminars, hit the books and take classes, groom yourself to be the best, organize your time wisely, and spend time social networking.

We hope to continue helping others and establishing relationships in the future. Happy holidays from the NWMAP team!

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Selling The Cloud

Recently I ran across an article about Cloud Serivce Brokerages. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of years, Cloud technology is beyond emerging, it is in the spotlight. We’re all still figuring it out, where it fits into, how it’s best utilized, troubleshooting any issues, while businesses are weighing the pros and cons. Just as NW MAP does for Telecom services in general, there will be professionals needed to help businesses navigate the Cloud for consumers.

This article (link below), and others like it, predict that Cloud Brokerages will be a $100 billion dollar industry/third party assistance/integrator business. Those of us in Telecom have long known about how big a deal this will become. In fact, at NW MAP we are one of the first Telecom agencies to offer some unique services and products utlizing the Cloud. We figure we’ve been in the business for several years, and while Cloud Brokerages will be popping up seemingly overnight, we’ve been there all along and want others to cash in on this too.


Businesses can get low prices for the specialized services they need, not to mention be more efficient with or without an IT Department. For some smaller businesses, marketing can be an issue- lack of funds and people for an IT Department so these services are ideal. If you’d like to get a head start take advantage of these services, find out more from one of our agents: https://nwmap.com/contact-us

You can also take advantage of this for a selling opportunity as well- putting money in your pocket. We’re currently looking for talented sales agents to help get the word out and cash in on this opportunity: For more info: https://nwmap.com/contact-us/become-an-agent

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