Recently I ran across an article about Cloud Serivce Brokerages. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of years, Cloud technology is beyond emerging, it is in the spotlight. We’re all still figuring it out, where it fits into, how it’s best utilized, troubleshooting any issues, while businesses are weighing the pros and cons. Just as NW MAP does for Telecom services in general, there will be professionals needed to help businesses navigate the Cloud for consumers.

This article (link below), and others like it, predict that Cloud Brokerages will be a $100 billion dollar industry/third party assistance/integrator business. Those of us in Telecom have long known about how big a deal this will become. In fact, at NW MAP we are one of the first Telecom agencies to offer some unique services and products utlizing the Cloud. We figure we’ve been in the business for several years, and while Cloud Brokerages will be popping up seemingly overnight, we’ve been there all along and want others to cash in on this too.

Businesses can get low prices for the specialized services they need, not to mention be more efficient with or without an IT Department. For some smaller businesses, marketing can be an issue- lack of funds and people for an IT Department so these services are ideal. If you’d like to get a head start take advantage of these services, find out more from one of our agents:

You can also take advantage of this for a selling opportunity as well- putting money in your pocket. We’re currently looking for talented sales agents to help get the word out and cash in on this opportunity: For more info:

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