Something New! NWMAP Video

Perhaps you’ve noticed something new on the home page of NWMAP- There is a video! Lennie Green and John Ludwig of NW Master Agent Program put together a short, but outstanding and informational video about NWMAP- its services, products, and of course what makes them stand out above other Telecom brokers and agencies.

I was there for the making of this video and taking some notes of my own. I have to say I did not know that NWMAP serves not only the NW area, but across the country, across continents as well. You’d also be surprised by everything they don’t charge for- they don’t charge to take a look at a clients’ existing system and make recommendations. They don’t charge percentages to find the perfect carrier, to review bills, to manage services. This is about the client getting the best of everything; lower costs and perfect fit technology for their needs.  

Overall, the mood that came across during the production of this video was absolutely sincere. It truly shows that NWMAP has their clients’ best interest in mind 100%. Please feel free to check out this video and tell us what you think- leave a comment here, leave a comment on our facebook page @Nwmap Telecom Brokers. (NWMAP Video)

Be the Best Telecom Agent

Agents play an important role in getting new information out to potential, and even existing, clients. This is a proactive, push-forward mentality, but it is also rewarding for clients and Agents alike if the process is executed properly.


Connect with your client and make communication solutions benefit them. The need for Telecom is still high and Agents can cash in on this opportunity when they truly help clients find the best prices and best solutions- a perfect fit in other words. Basically, a Telecom Agent helps to make sense of Telecom for their customers. They are the missing link. Even after they’ve been signed up, Telecom Agents still need to be very present with their current clients as well as potential ones.

Save them money:

Do your clients and contacts know that Telecom pricing and products have gone down in the last two years? Companies can’t afford not to know about this. For instance, a company can increase broadband speeds often for the same or less than they’re paying now. Bundling is obviously a popular service, but there are numerous ways an Agent can ensure a company can get more for their money.

 Know your Telecom:

Exploring new technology shouldn’t be scary if an Agent is looking out for their clients and knows all the products and best fit services available. Questions need to be answered, training followed up on, so the client feels very comfortable about their Telecom experience.


Most significantly, Agents can help prepare a company for years down the road and create efficiency within that company that may otherwise be impossible without them. An agent can plan ahead for a company’s future needs, creating systems of technology that can be added to later or updated as needed.

Telecom Technology; What is ISDN PRI?

Not too long ago, NWMAP posted some exciting information about new services offered from one of our carriers, Integra Telecom. One of the voice services included ISDN PRI. What does this mean to a business and what are the benefits of this technology? First, ISDN is Integrated Services Digital Network standards and PRI is Primary Rate Interface. PRI is basically the high bandwidth version of ISDN. Now you know the what, let’s cover the why and how.

How; This technology can be integrated with your existing PBX system for end-to-end connectivity. Agents at NWMAP can make this transition seamless. No need to change numbers either. 

Why; You’ll find this technology especially useful if you want caller ID on desk phones to manage calls better,  high speed signaling that generates faster call set up (and tear down) resulting in better customer satisfaction, and automatic number identification (ANI). 

For more information on this service, contact us;

Integra Telecom ISDN PRI;

NWMAP Partnerships for Better Telecom Service

We’ve built relationships over the years with over 40 Telecom carriers- the best in the country. We believe this is what puts us a cut above other agent services. Our partners must understand that customer care is our number one priority and commitment. This is also what makes us stand out. A company sales person is thinking about the company first and client second. NWMAP always puts the client first.
Having access to numerous carriers and specific relationships with them, we can shop around for the best price, best fit technology, best solutions, and best services for the client. This is a huge advantage. Whether you would like to work alongside us as an agent at NWMAP, or perhaps you’re a carrier we already work with, or you are a potential client, there is a message here. That is, contact us because we are here to assist you with your goals.

Contact us: Let us know how we can feature the Telecom company you represent in our blog- reaching an endless audience:
Clients: We review your current services and make suggestions for free (other providers don’t do this).

Telecom Agents and Automatic Contract Renewals

Automatic contract renewals have become somewhat of an issue in the telecom industry. The client and/or Telecom Agent forgets when the contract renews. The main way to avoid this is to be preventative and proactive in the first place. It’s important for agents to stay on top of this and mark their calendars in such a way that they’re ensured to not forget. It’s really about taking responsibility before it becomes an issue. There aren’t many laws in place addressing this situation either.
As an Agent, you have to realize your clients are depending on you to shop the best deals, shop for applicable new technology for their business, etc so it is in the best interest of an agent to be be aware of your clients’ contracts. This is good customer service. The only way to provide them with better, newer services, possibly more cost effective as well, is to be aware of reminding them about their auto-renewal contracts.
The bottom line is until there are laws and state regulations addressing this issue, one really doesn’t know how each case will be handled in court and from state to state and case to case. This is good reminder for all of us.
Sources:Ben Bronston, Telecom Lawyer “What Agents can Do About Automatic Contract Renewals”. May 2011,