RIO Networks; Services, Products, and the Data Center in Oregon

 RIO Networks has long been a carrier that NW MAP highly regards. Reasons why businesses can choose RIO Networks for Data Center Oregon…with no worries:

  • Unmatched data and transmission capacities in Oregon. Our data centers can accommodate any type of website or needs a client may have.


  • We can scale quickly so now worries about outgrowing the space or bandwidth allocated initially.


  • No-fail back-up even through natural disasters or power outages.


  • We employ redundant online routers, switches, HVAC equipment, and more that automatically fail over when there is trouble. Downtime is simply a thing of the past. Critical systems will remain online no matter what happens to the hardware at the data center Oregon.


  • Security is no worry for businesses. We provide secure systems and our data center is physically secure on-site

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Telecommunications in The News (Cloud Computing) – May 2012

A lot of recent news in the Telecommunications field lately is focused on Cloud Computing. It’s such an interesting topic because everybody in the telecom field is learning to adapt to this new trend, wondering where they fit in. Do they love it or hate it? What benefits does it offer the telecom provider and the customer.

Some articles reflecting the buzz about cloud computing are centered around how businesses are embracing cloud technology, how it benefits certain types of businesses, it’s advantages and disadvantages, and especially it’s customizable features:

A general guide and reasonable definition of this technology as it pertains to the telecommunications field:

If you want to understand cloud computing from various angles, this is another excellent guide that pertains to IT professionals and businesses in particular:

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CEO Slip-ups: Have you Ever Made a Big Mistake at Work?

When CEO’s explain or recall their business blunders of the past, they usually state they learned something and at the very least learned to survive what could have been a pure nightmare.  Some business CEO tips for surviving are as follows:

  • try to learn from something bad or else the experience was useless.
  • don’t be afraid to show your true self to the world, it may give you the world.
  • Don’t be afraid of not being liked ALL of the time.
  • be a great observer…try not to jump into things without spending some time observing first.
  • realize you are less likely to notice your own errors so double, no, triple check yourself and your work.
  • There is a quote by famous Director, Paul Weitz…”If you’re worried about being perfect, you’ll never come up with anything good”. Accept and adapt to your imperfections.
  • be knowledgeable about things around you and your business and be prepared for at least two different scenarios for everything you do.

NW MAP Features: Infinity Internet

Infinity Internet:

The company is one of the West Coast’s largest independently held data services companies.  They are a locally owned and operated company since 1987, currently enjoying a customer base of over 20,000 satisfied clients dispersed across the globe. 

 Clients range from small startups to publicly traded international companies. They provide enterprise grade services with the personal support that only a local company can provide.

 The services…Infinity provides data center space and cloud services at its carrier neutral facility in downtown Portland. This location allows for Infinity to have connectivity to almost any carrier available in the Portland market. 

 Agent Opportunity…As an agent, this opens up additional bandwidth opportunities for your clients, and provides additional services that you can sell to them. This allows you to diversify and increase your income from your clients. Infinity will provide sales support and migration management for clients to ensure that they have an effortless transition into a resilient and secure data center environment.

 Infinity also has a fixed microwave network that covers a majority of the Portland and Vancouver metropolitan markets. This is an excellent solution to provide clients high speed bandwidth as it is cost competitive with local fiber offerings and can often get to places that fiber is not delivered. This product also functions exceptionally well as a failover solution for clients than need maximum uptime. 

*If you have a client that may need these services, please inquire about doing a site survey.

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