Technology Do’s and Don’ts

You may find some of these suggestions basic, but it wasn’t until the other day that I realized it’s the basic ones that we forget or take for granted. Just like every day we may forget some basic manners like a ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. Yes, we certainly forget little things that matter in big ways. Sales agents may even forget that real people are behind that phone or profile page online. I reminded my teenager to not depend entirely on technology- asked her if there were no technology, would you have any friends? It seems all of their social life is online and on the phone.

Technology is everywhere and everything now, but even technology comes with some stipulations and rules if you plan on using it advantageously. Our youth need to understand how to use technology personally (I don’t think they have a problem with that) versus professionally (this may be an issue). Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware of how the personal online life spills over into the professional, especially with social networking, but there is the difference between appropriate and inappropriate. For the professionals out there, the following pointers listed are excellent reminders.

  • Do utilize fitness apps to help keep
    you in shape- also mind or word puzzle apps to keep your mind fit
  • Don’t  use text-speak for emails. Please use complete sentences when writhing a professional email.
  • Do be aware of how your employer or workplace expects you to use or not use technology/ your own devices.
  • Don’t use technology as the only form of keeping in touch with your personal contacts.
  • Do use technology for business contacts after you’ve established an
    in-person relationship
  • Don’t use emails or texts to avoid difficult conversations
  • Do use technology for saving time, not getting distracted
  • Don’t become too reliant on technology  
  • Do keep yourself informed about the
    latest innovations in technology
  • Don’t assume everyone communicates the way you do, meaning that there will be older generations in the workforce longer  and not all appreciate texting- some may even like a phone call. Everyone is different. Always ask their preferred method of contacting them.
  • Do turn on and off your phone and devices at appropriate times.



Telecom in The News: July 2012

The talk on Telecom still seems to be focused on BYOD- and the verdict is mixed. The conclusion for us on this topic is basically a buyer beware scenario. Know what you’re getting into. This really can have it’s advantages but if a company is not prepared for incorporating this type of work style, it can be a disaster.

Same can be said about the cloud- great technology, some major pluses for small companies as well, but get educated on it. Best way to know if it fits your business needs specifically is inquiring with your NW MAP Agents:

CenturyLink is accepting a $35 million grant from the FCC’s  Connect America Fund (CAF) to deploy broadband service to 45,000 homes in  rural areas that are deemed “unserved.”

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Windstream talks about their new service. They believe their Professional Bundle will give SMBs the same IP-based  service capabilities as large businesses. “Many small businesses do not have the specialized staff to support their IT  needs, nor the design team to build and maintain their own websites,” said Don  Perkins, vice president of business marketing, Windstream, in a release  announcing the new service. “With Windstream’s Professional Bundle, we help  customers significantly reduce expense and complexity associated with computer  repair and website maintenance.”

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Telecom Agents: Comcast Promotions 2012 Via NW MAP

NW MAP Carrier Promotions: Comcast
Happening NOW through 9/21/12. Agents can sell AND  get upfront money.

  •  PRI — $500 per deal

Both Fractional and
Full PRI’s qualify

      Min. 2 year agreement. Pay on Order

  • Metro-E — $700 per deal

 50 Mbps minimum

  All 4
Metro-Ethernet solutions qualify (EDI, ENS, EPL, EVPL)

 Minimum 3 year term

 Pay on Order Acceptance

 Comcast PRI and Metro E volumes continue to grow each month. Hopefully these promotions will help motivate everyone to continue getting the word out to the business community on Comcast’s capabilities in these areas.

For more information on
Comcast news, visit

If you have any questions on the promos,
please contact your NW MAP representative:


Notes on Success for the CIO, CEO, and Entrepreneur

I flipped open the latest issue of Success magazine and found some inspiring stories. I don’t usually read something like this because success seems elusive during tough times. Such a broad term. Everybody’s chasing after it, right? Just like the American Dream, does it even exist anymore? But I think what we need right now is exactly what I found in the magazine- inspiration. We’ve been in a recession and will be for a while, but innovation and re-invention seem to be key now. People who used to work for others are now working for themselves. Times are changing.

Reading through the editor’s note at the beginning I picked a quote that I enjoyed. “Now, because of technology, every ambitious individual has direct and immediate access to a global market of resources and customers.” (Darren Hardy- SUCCESS magazine Publisher and founding Editor). He also states technology as being the foremost reason for the current ‘entrepreneurial revolution’. Anybody and everybody can get ahead and really be in control of their professional destiny. Personally, I don’t have a 401k anymore but I do work for myself and do what I enjoy. Even Steve Jobs didn’t have it easy at the get-go…sleeping on his friend’s floors after he dropped out of college. The key is we’re desperate enough now and there really is opportunity for the right kind of person.

Another key to success is defining what success is to you personally. My definition is doing what I love. Yes, I’m one of those people who believes if I’m doing what I love, the money will follow. So far, so good. I also believe people should  consistently train for success. Find what motivates you- some people need money in their pockets and food on their table, others want freedom and power over their life. Research what gets you there. Take lessons from others who ARE there. Sometimes setting yourself up as your biggest competitor is a more rewarding challenge than always comparing yourself to the “other” competition and their numbers.  People who succeed felt they never had a choice otherwise.

After skimming some great articles in the latest Success issue, I realized inspiration and technology are our fighting chance in this economic climate. Use it to your advantage.

Written by: Contributing Blogger, L. Izett

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What’s New in Telecommunications; Integra, EarthLink

What’s going on in Telecom?

In case you’ve been missing it;  NW MAP Telecom wraps up the month with a post (“Telecom in the News’) on our blog at updating everyone with
snippets of Telecom info that makes recent news. If there are noteworthy topics catching the telecom community’s eye, then we’ll report on it, giving you the bullet points and links as well.

New products and services are coming out consistently in 2012. NW MAP has over 40 carriers and many are offering new additions to their portfolio…including:

 EarthLink’s Cloud Workspace and more recently TechCare, an IT Help Desk solution. As with numerous services appearing on the forefront of Telecom, this service can be highly customized to meet the needs specific to the business. It also enables IT staff to be free up time for more crucial tasks.

Also…Integra Telecom has expanded its on-net fiber presence; the growth of the fiber footprint will support new services, including Ethernet, cloud services, and recently announced wavelength service

Hot topics (the Cloud) this month:

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