Telecom Security; No One is Immune, but You Can be Protected.

Ever since the cloud emerged, security has been on the forefront of this trending topic. We also know that even large businesses, seemingly indestructible, are being hacked by a new generation of intelligent and completely capable and unafraid hackers! Good news is there’s plenty for businesses to protect themselves with- the technology and Telecom services have come a long way. From small to large businesses, help is here.
Disaster Recovery – The cloud is a collaboration of data centers, so should a natural type of disaster occur, your data is protected and stored separately.

Cloud Firewall Service- protects your business by guarding your network while providing inbound and outbound Internet access through a secure and managed gateway. It protects a business from unauthorized access to network infrastructure, prohibits access to inappropriate web content, restricts downloads of infected files, and enables security within your network.

Security services such as DDoS mitigation services can protect against attacks (AKA hacker attacks)- this service should warrant against and filter out malicious traffic at the network perimeter and delivers clean traffic to you during a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The service provider’s network will absorb malicious traffic so your Internet bandwidth is not. impacted.

If you are connected to the Cloud or want to be, there is a high awareness level about security issues so it should always be discussed with your provider, and better yet your Telecom Agent.