Outcome-based Selling for Telecom Agents

The new buzzword in sales is outcome-based selling; delivering an solution and outcome, not a product, not a brand. Outcome-based selling is “designed to identify and incorporate a client’s needs and dreams into a solution that benefits the buyer and seller” (Solution Revolution, Bruce Christian. Channel Vision Magazine, July-Aug, 2011). Businesses don’t want to spend money unless there is a desired outcome they are after.

In solution-based sales, the Telecom agent  is looking for the client’s motivation; something isn’t working, something needs to change, they need to meet various goals, etc. The Telecom agent is providing a means to the buyer’s end. This really puts an agent in the role of understanding their client 100%. This includes superior communication, asking appropriate questions and answering specific questions the buyer has, understanding the end goal, and measuring results.

In addition, NWMAP offers free quotes, suggestions, and bill reviews so this gives our agents a leg up in giving a client some proof that we have solutions, we can provide a desired outcome. NWMAP will do whatever we can for our clients, especially in the tough economic times when businesses are looking for results and a company they can trust.

Telecom Carriers Make News

Every month NWMAP likes to recognize and spread the word about some of our 40 Telecom carriers who make the news. We also like to keep everyone updated on new products by our carriers and any new announcements that may be of value to our clientele and/or Telecom Agents.

The first tidbit of news is the partnering of Wecom Inc. with Integra Telecom to deliver carrier class service to rural businesses in the SW U.S, including Arizona, an area NWMAP serves and continues to expand services. Integra Telecom has been making significant news all of 2011 regarding their continued expansion of services. We look forward to more in 2012.

Also an announcement from Integra is bringing on a new Communications executive to take charge of it’s growing portfolio. Joe Harding has been appointed Senior vice president of product management and development.

Read more: Integra Telecom brings aboard Level 3 vet Joe Harding – FierceTelecom http://www.fiercetelecom.com/story/integra-telecom-brings-aboard-level-3-vet-joe-harding/2011-10-24#ixzz1cKFVSuFu

Paetec deployed Visual Messaging App for Smartphones. Some features include voicemail transcription into text for phone users. Basically it gives them enterprise level service right on their phone. Receiving messages on your phone is as easy as receiving instant emails for voice messaging.

Hold Time Music and Marketing; Local On-Hold Messaging for Northwest Customers.

Why is it that most on-hold marketing companies are in New York or Florida?  At NW Map, we’d much rather deal in person with our customers, so we’re delighted to recommend a local music on hold provider, Patrick at www.holdtimestudios.com.  Patrick runs a commercial studio in Portland, Oregon that only does on-hold messaging for customers all across the Northwest.

 Now, we all have heard good and bad marketing on hold, but Hold Time’s talent is in the writing… it’s quality, and for local customers Hold Time does in-person interviews for it’s new customers to make sure you get exactly what you want to market to your best callers: the one’s who are calling you.  You can hear some of their online samples here.  

 As a way to deliver their on-hold messaging service into your phone system, Hold Time provides equipment to small phone systems, 2 line Panasonic and ATT models, or large business class systems as well. 

 We thought that with equipment and professional writing with studio voiceovers, it might cost as much as a radio ad… but Hold Time says their average customer pays about $60 a month when they change the message during the year.  Hey, NW Map can probably save you triple that on your phone bill… so use some of our savings to promote your business on hold with Hold Time Music.



Non-Sleasy Sales Approaches for Telecom Agents

In this information age, clients must come first. If we don’t treat clients golden, we risk having poor feedback somewhere on the Internet. The Internet is the first place many clients look to research a product, then a company specifically. Almost all sales agents know they should treat their existing clients well, but also the focus must be on potential clients who are in the early stages of considering products or services. They may take some time and not be ready to buy this instant. However, they are just as important to your earning potential.

Tips for Telecom Agents:

  • Focus on people in the information gathering phase, not necessarily ready to buy yet.
  • Provide them with as much free information and services that you can.
  • Focus on long-term goals as well as short-term. Sales tend to generate long-term revenue rather than short term or instant revenue.
  • Begin with the company itself without overdoing it on the products and services initially.
  • Read what people are saying about your company and you, including on social media sites.

Be a Telecom agent: https://nwmap.com/contact-us/become-an-agent



Telecom Agents and Cloud Technology

Businesses are interested in the cloud and spending has increased in this market so is it possible to make some significant income selling cloud services? Yes and no. The good news is cloud technology isn’t going anywhere. It’s a fairly new discovery and interest for many businesses. Most businesses don’t know if they need it, they just need some solutions and cloud may be one of those. 

Telecom providers are working to make cloud services a valuable service for their agents and sales staff to sell. Market analysts predict the business cloud computing market will generate up to $150 billion in annual revenue by 2015. It will definitely be growing the next 5 years. Currently many businesses do not have a strategic plan that includes the cloud, but the agent’s job is to know whether it would be something that benefits them. Meaning, the cloud isn’t something to sell straight up, but rather a side note, a solution perhaps. Not every business will be on board with it so the idea is to present it as a solution or additional benefit if that’s the case. This all starts with asking the appropriate questions to businesses such as ‘What are you happy or unhappy with?’

It’s obvious “the cloud” will be presenting itself well into the future and the opportunities for Telecom agents are huge. The challenge for carriers is mastering the cloud technology and how it fits best within a business without too much interruption and added costs. Another challenge is generating consistent revenue based on selling the cloud. The kinks will be worked out in the near future because cloud services aren’t going anywhere.

Reality: We’re not selling clouds here so the reality is it takes nearly a year before selling cloud services can really become profitable in Telecom sales revenue. Recurring revenue for agents is not as easy right now, but this technology will only expand in the future making it possible for the money to be there eventually. When discussing the cloud to clients, keep the focus on business benefits rather than solely the technology.

How to become a Telecom Agent: https://nwmap.com/contact-us/become-an-agent