We often hear about security issues on our facebook or twitter account, but what about the security and potential risks within your own business. Truth is, it’s not a common topic of discussion unless it’s the foremost concern for a reason (security breach or malfunction) and/or you are designing a new data/information system specific to your business. Either way, a solid plan can only be accomplished if both you and your Telecom Broker are working together to prevent potential risks or keep some from never occurring…again.

If nothing has ever happened, it can give you a false sense of security and just because you have an updated Unified Communications system, doesn’t mean you are protected. There is always some level of risk, but you must decide what is acceptable for your business. Everyone must be on board; Business owner, IT Manager, Telecom decision makers, CIO, and anyone else who might be able to communicate to your Telecom Broker the best Unified Communications plan for your business. Telecom brokers can help you decide who has access to what information, who has limited access, what data is monitored and managed by who.

It is typical for a Telecom Broker to offer you solutions, but you need to offer information about your enterprise’s specific risks and issues. Doing so will put your bsuiness at a lower level of risk. It only takes one time; security issues can wreak havoc on a business. Ask a Telecom Broker at NWMAP about including VoIP and SIP trunking in your network security policies.

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