Sales Tools: That’s a Good Question!

Whether you’re approaching a possible client or sealing a deal, there are questions every client should be asking you for their Telecom (phone, data, Internet, and product service) needs. If they’re not, as a Telecom Agent you should be answering these key inquires for them. Some clients can pinpoint their needs, others are unhappy with current services but may not be able to focus on one particular thing.

Do you want better service? This can be tricky because clients may not know what better service entails or if they’ve never had better, they have nothing to compare it to. They may be hesitant due to budget concerns. Better often means pricier, but in Telecom we know that’s not always the case. You can be the first to let a client know that.

Do you feel stuck? Does the business client feel as though they’re stuck with outdated technology? Are they stuck in a current contract? Do they feel as though they’re paying too much but don’t know what to do about it? These are excellent questions and a wonderful selling tool.

Do you have what you need/ and want? Some clients are paying for services they don’t utilize. What a shame! Some clients want more but fear the price increase. A Telecom Agent can sit down with a client and not only review the current bills, but also determine what services the client will benefit from and get the most ROI.

Are you in consistent contact with your current provider to make sure your changing business needs are being met, now and in the future? NWMAP believes a contract and a client is an ongoing relationship.

Keep in mind NWMAP Telecom Agents can review a business’ bill. NO CHARGE!!

Holiday Deals on Telecom Services

Black Friday isn’t over for us here. We’re offering deals all season. AT NWMAP there will be no pushing or shoving for these deals, just good old fashioned customer service. That might be refreshing after the infamous Black Friday! We’ve got Hosted VoIP, business bundles, mobile solutions, and eFax.


10M- 60M (from $349.95- 548.95)

Includes: 2,000 LD Minutes, 50 DID’s, 10 Channels PRI/SIP, 3 TF’s, and 250 conference minutes


Ranging from 10M EOC with 6 Seats  for $350 up to 60M EOC with 10 Seats for $575

Ask us about eFax for $7.95 (.03 cents/minute)

Mobile solutions include Virtual Office services and marketing solutions such as Call Tracking.

For these deals and more, inquire here:

Have a safe and Happy Holiday season!


Featured Telecom Products and Services: Ethernet, Web & Audio Meetings, Disaster Recovery

NWMAP is your one-stop shop for Carrier services such as Wavelengths, Ethernet, SONET & TDM, Cell Tower Backhaul & IP service.


  • Ethernet Everywhere- Secure & reliable layer-2 connectivity, E-Line, E-Lan, & E-Tree.
  • Ethernet Private Line is a point-to-point alternative to Legacy TDM.
  • Internet- dedicated, reliable, and local.
  • MPLS,/VPLS- virtual private network within out network.
  • Program Distribution Network- Easily access video content region-wide.

Also Featuring:

  • Voice Lines, a basic but premium voice product for businesses just getting their feet off the ground.

  • Voice Edge for clients replacing a PBX or just changing their system.

  • PRI Trunks- Already have PBX equipment? PRI Trunks allows them to maximize their phone capabilities by connecting to their existing equipment.

  • Disaster Attendant- one monthly price for peace of mind. A solution that provides call forwarding and robust call routing features to maintain business in case of an emergency/outage.

  • Global Meet- Web and Audio meetings in harmony on all your devices.

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One-Stop Shopping for Your SIP Trunking, Virtual DID, and Hosted Services

Don’t know where to go? We do! NWMAP has always stood by our claim of being a one-stop shop for Telecom needs. Think of it as a Telecom Smorgasbord- we have a variety of carriers and solutions.

What about SIP Trunking? Yep, we offer multiple carriers and multiple options whether it’s carrier Internet or bring your own Internet. We’re partnered with carriers such as Airspring, Integra, X5 Solutions, Joop4U, and Clearfly…just to name a few.

What about Virtual DID– this should be on your radar. Remote incoming calls that come in as local, low monthly costs. With a virtual number on your phone or mobile, your callers pay Local Call Rates when they call you. Forward and receive the calls in your office, home, or mobile, anywhere. Can be used with a softphone, voip telephone, pbx, or your own VoIP carrier.

Need equipment? We’ve got the best carriers for this: Cisco, Polycom, Aastra, Yealink.

Hosted Phone services from Global Links, Earthlink’s Hosted voice service, Joop4U’s PBX Solutions, Integra, Airspring’s new Aire PBX, 8×8’s Hosted VoIP Phone service and so many more.











Integra Telecom; New Hosted Voice Service

Small and medium businesses can affordably get their communication needs met with Integra’s new offer; Hosted voice VoIP by the seat! Product components include Access Line (utilizing Ethernet Private Line (EPL) for subscriber access and Subscriber Line (per subscriber basis- single line with traditional capabilities). Package choices are basic, standard (traditional uses and workers), or premium package (which is ideal for mobile capabilities and increased productivity), and even “Ala carte” features and/or customization options.

Some of the key product features of Integra’s Hosted Voice Portal include: Integra Desktop communicator, Easy Attendant, Premium Attendant, Internet and Call Me Buttons.

It’s really an optimal choice for clients and can provide solutions, reliability, scalability,  and easy administration. In addition Polycom phones are available. Get in on this now!

For more information on these services please contact a NW MAP Agent today: